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Most residents and visitors in Houston, Texas will go to their phone to look up businesses. Whatever comes up first will likely be the one that they will call or visit. This means if you do not come up on the search engine results page (SERP) as #1, you will lose that customer. The best to gain that position on the SERPs is to contact a Houston, Texas SEO agency, such as OneIMS.

Our SEO agency in Houston, Texas can help your business’ visibility online in many ways. Your website can be shown on SERPs, directories, Google My Business, social media, other websites, and more. The only way to gain access to these places is to understand Internet marketing.

It’s not simple. Online marketing takes a lot of time an effort, as you will realize reading this page. You will need to have technical SEO knowledge and understand how to design a website that enhances user experience for optimal conversion rates. You also need to know about link building, citations, social media, and how to leverage them all together to bring more people to your site.

This is why many people choose us for their Houston, Texas SEO agency. As you’re considering seeking search engine optimization services through us, learn more about our services for businesses in Houston.

Website Design and Development

Have a website? Great! We’ll look it over to see if it’s everything that you need to entice your consumers to make a purchase.

Need a website? Great! We will design a website according to your heart’s desire. We take your branding, ideas, and selections from our samples to create a website that you will be proud to show off to everyone. We also ensure that it is user-friendly, so that users and Google will love it.

There’s a lot that goes into a quality website design, and we are happy to share that we have some of the best web designers and developers. Our websites consistently rank highly because of all the optimization we ensure it has when it goes live.

Once the site is developed, we move on to the meat of it. This starts with keyword research.

Keyword Research

It all starts with keyword research. We need to know what people are typing into the search bar for Google, Bing and Yahoo. We use several sources to come up with our list of keywords and have had success with them by optimizing our clients’ websites with them.

We include keywords on each page of a website. We put them in the title tags, and meta descriptions. If you know SEO, you probably heard that if you overuse keyword phrases, you can get penalized by Google. We want you to know that we don’t do this, and always follow Google’s best practices when it comes to optimizing your website. It’s why we are the #1 Houston, Texas SEO company.

Competitive Analysis

We research what your competitors have been doing, so we can use what works for them, but make it better. It may not sound fair, but it’s the nature of a competitive industry. Many competitors do this, and it’s likely been done to you. We do not seek to hurt competitors’ businesses, though. We simply just want to make yours better.

We look at the type of content that your competitors have, and what is ranking better than yours and why. We then take that information and research to see what more can be added, so we can do more with it.

We also look at backlinks to see how many they have and where they are coming from. We can then reach out to those websites to see if they would be willing to link back to your site as well. The more links you get to your site, the more popular Google believes you are, so they are more likely to rank you highly in SERPs.

Link Building

Since we’re on link building, let’s discuss this more now. Link building is important to any SEO campaign, especially in Houston, Texas. Google wants to show websites that are considered worthy. Worthiness is rated on how many other websites link to them.

We start working on a link building campaign simply by creating the best content possible for your site. We include images, videos, and long, fresh content. We give people all of the information they are searching for and more when they turn to Google. This is what keeps them on the site. They have no reason to go anywhere else because they have everything they need on your site. Since you’ve done such a good job impressing the user, there’s high likelihood that person will convert.

Not only is the content for conversions, but when you have really good content on your site, other websites want to link to it. This is especially true if you have something no one else does, and you deserve credit for it. Sometimes, we will brainstorm with you about data that we can pull from your reports that can be used to show consumers how your products and services help. This authoritative content can do wonders for your reputation online. You become the source for the latest information, and that’s something that people want to extend to their followers online.

We also reach out to other websites in different ways to establish connections with them. We email them or call them to ask if there is any content they would like to see on their site and if it would be possible for a link back to your site be included. If there is, our professional writers create the content, and then we publish it on that site with a link to your site.

We can also promote your content to sites. We can ask them if they find it useful and if they would consider linking back to the site with it. If the content is good enough and we reach out to the right websites, they may accept, and you’ll get another backlink.

We only use Google’s best practices when it comes to link building. We never pay for links or do link exchanges. We don’t have link building networks. These are punishable by Google, and it will not be done by our SEO firm in Houston, Texas.

Social Media Management

Social media matters to SEO. Some people do not agree with it, but we know it matters because we’ve seen how much influence it has on it. When our posts get high engagement, shares, and comments, that article ends up performing better in SERPs. Remember, Google wants to share what everyone loves, so if social media metrics show that people love an article you have on your site, it will get ranked higher.

We also believe that social media is another source for website traffic and conversions. Billions of people use social media every single day, and they will follow business pages, especially those recommended by people they follow. Many will go to the business’ website when they are interested in what it is offering. People are also now using Messenger to connect with businesses. This means that if your business is available, you have the chance of having a new customer by simply being available.

We know you don’t the time to manage social media as it needs to be managed. It’s a full time job, which is why we have full time professional social media managers available to take care of your business’ social media accounts. They will set up accounts for you. They will post for you. If there are any messages that come through, they will respond professionally on your behalf. You can trust our social media marketers because they have many years of experience and understand how to sell to your consumers and give them excellent customer service.

Content Creation Services

Throughout this article, you’ve been reading a lot about content. You need content on your website, you need it for link building, and you need it on social media. This is a lot to write if you’re running your own business. This is why many business owners come to our Houston, Texas SEO company. We have a team of expert writers who can write on just about any industry for you. They can do the necessary research and conduct interviews to get all the information they need to write long, well-written articles.

We always think of your consumers when we write and publish articles on your site and elsewhere. We want to serve them as much as possible because that is how we serve you. If you would like to review the articles that are written before we post them to your site, just let us know. We would be happy to pass them along for you to review.

Many of our clients will allow us to automatically post articles once they are confident we understand the voice, style, and tone they would like for their website. This may be the case for you, or you may always want to review the content before it’s published. This is up to you, and we are fine either way.

We have several different packages for content creation and management. We recommend adding content to your site regularly, as much as once per day. However, we understand that budgets can be limited, so we can work with you in determining what you can do. Whatever we do decide will help boost your visibility online.

Local SEO Services in Houston, Texas

OneIMS is a local SEO agency serving the Houston area. We know what your site needs to rank for your local area. We setup, optimize and manage your Google My Business. This is the most important piece of local SEO. If you don’t have it, no one is finding you. Once that is set up, we start working on something called local citations.

Local citations are listings. They are found in many directories online, such as Angie’s List, Yellow Pages, etc. We include your business in all of these directories and we make sure that the name, address, and phone number are accurate. Any inaccuracies can affect your rankings in local search, so we always look back on citations already created. We check for inconsistencies, incomplete, and duplicate listings. We clean them all up, so they are all good for Google and users.

Besides Google My Business and citations, we ensure your website has content that is geared toward local residents and visitors. We will post blogs and pages that will serve the needs of your consumers, but geo-target them. This way, Google and users know that you are speaking to people in Houston, and not people in NYC.

We have some different ways to help you rank well in local search, so reach out to our Houston, Texas SEO agency.

About Our Houston, Texas SEO Agency

We believe Internet marketing is what all businesses need right now. There are too many people searching online. These people have money, and many of them are ready to buy. If you’re not there with your products and services, you may miss out on a lot of revenue. We don’t want that to happen, and of course, you don’t want that to happen.

Our philosophy is to provide Internet users with good information about your products and services and get you in front of as many people as possible. We do this with a team of professionals in the SEO industry that have a proven track record of helping websites rank highly on the SERPs.

We track everything we do, so we can share our results with you. When we share results, we tell you why we do what we do (much like this article) and then we tell you what we’re going to do the next month. As we make decisions, you will be informed of them and their results. Marketing means testing out different ways to convert consumers into customers, and we believe we do this extremely well.

When looking for an SEO agency in Houston, Texas, consider OneIMS. We help you harness the power of the Internet to bring you more brand awareness and sales.

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