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In the world of saturated and volatile markets and internet surfers whose attention span is rapidly decreasing

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Google Advertisement

In the world of saturated and volatile markets and internet surfers whose attention span is rapidly decreasing, it became very important to do everything in your power to deliver your message. Google advertising is one of the best marketing strategies to help you achieve this.

People who are searching for your type of business will see it first, especially the ones who are looking for business in your local area.

This and the fact that 77% of people using the Internet on a daily basis refer to Google as their search engine of choice, is what made advertising on Google so popular. Add to this Google Ads’ presence on websites, YouTube, and mobile platforms and you get the best exposure money can buy.

Diversification of Marketing Strategy

Google Ad Services encompass several different concepts and services. All of the following belong to the big Google Ad Services category:

  • Search network – use the Google search engine network to display your ads to specifically targeted groups of people.
  • Display network – leverage the large number of websites, Android mobile apps, YouTube channels, and blogs in Google’s ad display network to achieve the desired results.
  • Google Shopping – display your inventory online by using product-specific ads.
  • Video Campaigns – use video ads to engage your potential customers on YouTube and other relevant websites.

The Advantages of Using Google Ads

Increased Website Traffic And Sales

People who are searching for services and products online have the intent of buying them. By targeting specific keywords and including some other factors, such as the geolocation of potential customers, your can post ads on Google that are very effective at boosting your website traffic and increasing sales.

Completely Control Your Marketing Budget

Advertising on Google is not as expensive as you may think. By smartly picking your target keywords and the ability to start/stop the Google ads campaign whenever you want, you will have complete control over your marketing expenses.

Significantly Increased Brand Awareness

By strategically placing your ads across the media supported by Google Ads Services, you will get the right kind of exposure for your brand. With more people seeing your ads, it’s quite logical to assume that you will increase brand awareness and spread the word about about products and services.

Extended Flexibility

Did you know that by monitoring your Google Ads campaign you can see exactly how many people click on and see your ad, and how many of those that click on it take the intended action on your website (convert). This makes it easy to identify whether the changes to the ad or the landing page are necessary to achieve better results.

Why OneIMS?

OneIMS is a renowned Google advertisement company. Over the years we have helped many companies build and sustain a digital pipeline and attract high-quality leads. This has helped us learn how to leverage the Google Advertising Services to help our clients grow their business.

As a Google advertisement company, we are not here just to help you with your Google ad campaign – we are here to offer you a partnership. We know how important your digital presence is, especially when it comes to building a digital pipeline.

We will assess your current website and use of keywords and research your target audience and competitors. This will help us choose the best Google Advertisement Service, or combination of services, for your business needs and goals.

We will closely monitor your Google ad campaign and regularly send our reports to you. While we are dedicated to helping you post ads on Google and achieve your short-term goals, our core mission is to help you establish an easy-to-follow digital footprint.

How to Choose Google Advertisement Company

At OneIMS, we are well-aware that choosing the right Google Advertisement Company is a hard decision to make. There are hundreds, if not thousands of such agencies out there. And when you take a look at their portfolio, you will notice that each one of them make claims about the quality of their specialities and services.

Falling into this trap of catchy pitches is easy. This is why here at OneIMS we strive to keep our process as transparent as possible. We put emphasis on long-term collaboration instead on providing a service and saying goodbye.

As an established Google Advertisement Company, we are ready to provide you with information about our past projects and the results we’ve made. The experience we have gained over the years has enabled our team of professionals to continuously achieve excellent results for our clients. Feel free to check us out anytime you want.

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