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Google Ads Management Services

The PPC platform you absolutely have to use if you want to stop playing hide and seek with your potential customers and get ahead of the competition.

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Google Ads

Google Ads is not just another PPC platform you can use to build a pipeline of new leads. It is THE PPC platform you absolutely have to use if you want to stop playing hide and seek with your potential customers and get ahead of the competition. It’s by far the most effective PPC platform available today.

With almost 80% of the online population using Google as a primary search engine, the Google Ads PPC platform has become a must-use tool for businesses of all sizes. By intelligently targeting the right keywords, you will be able to quickly build a customer-acquisition pipeline and generate high-quality leads.

Managing Google Ads campaigns is a serious task and it tends to become more sophisticated and complicated once you have to run and manage more than one campaign at the same time.

One wrong move can drain your PPC budget and put a stop to your PPC efforts. At OneIMS, our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering tangible results by applying custom-tailored Google Ads management services.

What is Google Ads Management?

Creating and managing Google Ads campaign consists of several steps which are crucial for its success. Here, at OneIMS we will manage your Google Ads account or create one for you if you don't have it. The Google Ads management process we have developed over time is a result of years of experience we have gained while helping many businesses with their PPC efforts.

Our Google Ads Management Process Includes:

Keyword Rresearch

The crucial factor that determines you campaign success is your choice of keywords. This is why we devote a significant amount of time in identifying the best keywords for you to bid on. We will also look at the keyword cost to make sure that we include the ones that provide the best possible ROI.

Competitor And Market Analysis

We will research your competitors to see around which keywords they are basing their PPC advertising. On top of that, we will dig into your target customers’ online habits to identify the best course for your campaign.

Campaign Creation

After we are done with the research, we will set up your Ads campaign and create the ad for you. To deliver high-quality results, we will create several ad versions, which will allow us to modify them on the go.

Regular Campaign Monitoring And Reporting

We will closely monitor your Ads campaign performance and send you regular reports to keep you in the loop. We will share with you some easy to understand metrics so that you can clearly see how much the campaign has contributed to your success.

Benefits of Using Google Ads

Quick Result

Google Ads PPC advertising delivers instant results. Your ad will be placed at the top position on the first search engine results page, thus significantly increasing your website traffic and creating more leads. On top of that, you can focus your campaigns on multiple keywords and remain in full control, as the platform has an instant on/off switch.

Increased Brand Awareness

Apart from all the benefits including increased traffic, number of leads, and conversion rates, Google Ads offer something quite unique; an opportunity to boost your brand awareness. Your ads will be at the top of the SERPs, increasing your brand exposure.

Complete Insight Into Your PPC Campaign Performance

Google Ads tells you exactly what's going on with your PPC campaign. By measuring campaign performance and real-time insight into transparent results, it becomes easy to identify the weak spots and fix them on the go to achieve even better results.

Better And Refined Future Marketing Efforts

Google Ads returns incredibly powerful data about your target customers; which keywords they used before clicking on your link, which device they use, their geolocation, and at what time of the day they looked you up. You can use all this data to refine your marketing efforts and achieve better results in your future PPC advertising efforts.

How to Choose Ads Management Company

Since Google Ads is a free to use tool, there are many companies that offer their Google Ads Management Services on the market. Due to the lack of knowledge and experience, trusting those companies with your PPC budget can easily lead to you missing out on precious opportunities for increased sales and business growth.

At OneIMS, our team of experienced marketers will create an efficient Ads campaign, regardless of the size of your budget and business. As an Ads Management Company, we will also provide management services to ensure the highest possible ROI and prevent overspending on clicks.

Why OneIMS?

At OneIMS, our Google Ads experts will closely collaborate with your in-house marketing team to design the Ads campaign that supports your business goals. With our help, you will be able to fine-tune your digital pipeline to efficiently generate more traffic and high-quality leads.

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