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Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook is a very popular platform with over 2 billion monthly active users and this is why it offers great marketing opportunities.

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Facebook Advertising Services

Our social media marketing expertise gives us the ability to use Facebook as a launchpad that will propel your business to a new level.

Every single aspect of your Facebook advertising campaign is taken care off by our team. This includes everything from the initial setup, management, performance monitoring, to making valuable adjustments based on the ongoing performance of the campaign to help your business get as much visibility and quality for the money you paid.

Facebook ads can be used for content marketing, brand exposure, lead generation, making sales, building traffic on a website, and many other purposes. In our hands, this versatile platform looks like a game, as you will watch your business results increase tremendously in a short time, asking yourself why you didn’t consider this option earlier.

Why Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a very popular platform with over 2 billion monthly active users and this is why it offers great marketing opportunities. No matter what your audience is, we can find it on Facebook and help you generate better business results. Our knowledge and experience allows us to create and position your brand in front of the desired desktop or mobile device audience.

Facebook ads are more effective than other advertising platforms such as AdWords and has the power to get more potential customers into the sales funnel. The only important thing is to know your target audience and focus on it. Regardless of whether you want to use Facebook advertising for a small business or a large organization, this platform has everything s business needs.

It’s equipped with many tools and features which allow marketers to reach as many people as possible. Facebook is one of the most cost-efficient marketing channels and it can give immense exposure that has the power to skyrocket a business. Here is how we approach all of our Facebook advertising campaigns.

Researching and Analyzing the Competition

The first step we will make is to analyze the market in your industry. This is important because without properly directed efforts, you will never be able to get the most out of your advertising campaign. We will also look at your competition and see how they are doing their Facebook advertising.

We will see where they are outperforming you, how they engage their audience, how they target people and so on. In the end, we will learn more about your industry itself and your target audience, allowing us to come up with better messaging and content that will perform better.

Creating Organic Strategies for Facebook Advertising Campaign

The second step we usually take is to start creating a campaign. After everything has been set up and all the research has been analyzed, we start creating the content for an advertising campaign. No matter if a campaign is completely organic or paid, it needs to have that natural part to boost results.

We will post the content you deliver to us regularly and we will schedule additional follow-up actions that will enhance the campaign. At the same time, we will monitor the level of interaction in our campaigns and the engagement they are having.

Creating Paid Facebook Ads

Our paid Facebook marketing services are our bread and butter. The first step is to get all the audience data that we and our clients have compiled together. We use this to draft various custom audiences that will be most suitable for a certain brand based on location, industry, type of business, and other valuable demographics.

While taking these factors into consideration, we work on creating images and an ad copy for maximum performance. When the “prototype” is done, we perform split tests of the ad copy. Once we get satisfying results, the whole campaign is launched, after which we constantly analyze performance, give reports, and improve ads.

Campaign Management and Tracking

We don’t leave our customers and their campaigns out to dry after we’ve launched their advertising – we do everything in our power to follow it through for the best results. This includes complete campaign management and making the necessary adjustments for optimized performance. We also monitor the level of interaction and engagement from the target audience.

Simultaneously, we track various aspects of the campaign including reach, engagement, ROI, lead growth, and click-through rates. This allows us to build new audiences for various social channels and drastically improve sales and leads from the overall campaigns.

Choose OneIMS Facebook advertising services and see why all of our customers are satisfied with our work.

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