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Demand Creation & Lead Generation

Our Approach

Increase Brand Awareness, Create Demand and Generate Qualified Leads

At OneIMS we understand that the buyer’s journey is an important framework to base your marketing campaigns around. We custom tailor demand creation campaigns to address the customer lifecycle stages and help facilitate and accelerate the decision making process the potential buyer goes through.

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

Why It Matters

Demand generation is the methodical approach to creating awareness about your products or services from your target prospects and turning them into qualified sales leads. Demand generation is the key to building predictable sales pipeline. A properly executed demand generation effort should increase the quality and volume of sales opportunities created. Demand creation is giving marketing a sales quota. It is a critical component of your business growth, if left to chance would dry up your sales pipeline.

You may have the perfect solution to the biggest challenge your ideal buyers are facing. However, if your potential customers are not aware of the solution you offer or know that there is a better alternative to their current solution; they will not proactively seek out your help. Therefore you need to educate your potential buyers and make them realize their need and the value of using your solution to meet that need.

Lead Life Cycle

We will collaborate with your team to research and identify the ideal buyer personas and their buying criteria. After which we will strategically distribute relevant, high-quality content and other valuable digital assets to build awareness and drive interest in your company and its products or services. We will utilize owned media, earned media and paid media channels to increase the reach and effectiveness of your content. Our demand creation and lead generation specialists will help you implement and optimize lead nurture and marketing automation software to capture marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and move them through the buyer’s journey to become sales qualified leads (SQLs).

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