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If you own a brand or would like to offer a service to Connecticut residents, you need to be aware of the power of internet marketing. This is one of the good ways with the help of which you can make people fall in love with your offerings. Almost every day, there are thousands of people googling for your service. Unless your business has a dominating web presence, it is difficult to get the attention of people who are seeking services in an already saturated marketplace.

If your business does not have an authoritative presence on the internet, you are literally sending away more customers to your competition. Any respectable business owner might not appreciate that idea and therefore they ask us to help them with search engine marketing. OneIMS has worked with several businesses within the state and we have helped them to get more target customers easily through our Connecticut SEO services. With our help, your business will appear right in front of all those who are willing to buy. Let us look deep into some of the on-page and off-page optimization practices available from our end.

Creating Highly Converting Websites Using Our Connecticut Website Designers and Developers

All those who are interested in trying out your products and services will initially search for your business site online. Many people who own businesses will only focus on making a fancy website filled with all kinds of features their target customers may or may not like at all. At the other end of the spectrum, our website designers and developers focus on making a highly converting website for your business. A fancy looking website is not enough to convert people into long-term customers.

Right from the start of the process, our experts will consider creating a website only after understanding more about your business and the target customers. This process is basically a form of research work. We study your average customer deeply to understand how long it would take them to come to a decision to try out your offerings. By putting themselves in the shoes of a prospective customer, our website designers can create a site that will ultimately end up making more money for you.

Every website must have certain interesting characteristics; only then, Google will begin to pay attention to it. For instance, the overall architecture of the site should be in such a way that people can navigate throughout the website without any difficulties. After landing on the homepage, they must be able to locate what they need easily and quickly. Yes, the website must have a certain appeal – people will then think about spending some time browsing the site.

Our developers will consider the overall functionality of your business site. This site must not return any type of errors when loading up on different platforms. Likewise, the web pages must load swiftly without making the visitors wait. Google now uses the site speed as an important aspect and it contributes to a higher ranking in the search results. Too many people depend on their smartphones and various other such mobile devices to search online. Because of the responsive design incorporated into your site, it will load seamlessly on a mobile device.

Some of the business owners already have a website and ask us to look at it. We will conduct an audit and will recommend all the changes needed to make your site perform better in the search results. If you are interested in redesigning the site to make it compatible with the current industry standards, feel free to discuss our requirements with our team.

Standing Above the Rest with Proper Keyword Research

We understand the need to optimize your site not just for the search engines, but also for the target customers. Because some of the very best SEO specialists are working with our team, it is easy for them to optimize your site – regardless of your market niche. The results that we have obtained from several of our clients in Connecticut usually speak for itself. By increasing the web traffic flowing to your site, we can also optimize the conversion rates.

The very first step to optimize your site is by doing keyword research. Keyword research is the process of finding out all the terms people might use on the search bars to locate products and services related to your market niche. Google offers a unique tool to get some idea about these key phrases. The Google Keyword Planner Tool allows us to study the traffic volumes, competition and the cost-per-click of the keywords. We investigate these metrics because of different reasons.

The traffic volume tells us the number of people using that keyword to locate services or products like what you offer. The competition allows us to understand how difficult it is for us to rank your website for that keyword. Naturally, the cost-per-click is a metric that allows us to evaluate that keyword for paid search advertising. Initially, our experts will focus exclusively on the keywords with the highest volumes and lowest amounts of competition. This is the preferred way to kick start the website ranking process.

With our services, your site will be able to bring in more web traffic quickly while informing Google that the same site is a valuable resource for the customers. We might need to bring in more changes to the keyword research when your site begins to gain familiarity with Google as well as the end-users. When this happens, our marketing experts will solely focus on high volume medium competition keywords. Selecting the key phrases that have the highest cost-per-click will also take place at this point. Gradually, we will move towards higher competition keywords.

At this point, we would like to mention a minor but important factor. You cannot get instant benefits while doing search engine optimization. It can take some time for Google to realize and recognize your newly optimized website. Of course, the web traffic might increase dramatically; however, it can take at least a couple of months before you start to see the long-term effects – such as positive lead generation, efficient conversion optimization and added revenue.

Content Marketing for Online and Offline Success of Your Business

It does not take much convincing to understand that content is, in fact, the backbone of every website hosted online. Social media networks all thrive thanks to the copious amounts of entertaining and informative content posted over there. Our writers are hardworking professionals who have many years of experience tackling some of the most difficult content writing assignments. This experience enables them to come up with articles generally well-liked among online users. People read go through these nuggets of information and will not hesitate to share it with their friends and followers.

Engaging content can help to make your business extremely popular online. Google often ranks websites with engaging and interesting content higher in the search engine results page. There are certain characteristic aspects that separate our content developers from the usual lot. For instance, they can create and distribute unique content highlighting the unique selling propositions of your products or services. Likewise, all the content developed by them will be educational – meant to educate and impart knowledge to all those who have their share of doubts about your offers.

The end goal of content marketing is to keep on increasing the conversion rates. Anyone can come up with short article snippets intended to sell your products or services. However, only dedicated content developers will care about offering a value proposition to your target audience. The underlying idea is to retain the existing customers while enticing the visitors to become long-term patrons. Offer valuable information to the online community and your business will end up getting the loyalty of thousands of customers.

Never underestimate the importance of content marketing. Even if you own and operate a strictly brick-and-mortar business, professional content marketing will only end up helping it immensely. What makes our content marketing activities different from the rest? Our writers will create articles that will help your business get noticed online. Your readers and the followers will be keen to come back and read more of the articles. Our content will demonstrate the core value of your business. Because we do detailed research about your market niche, it is possible for our team to come up with spot-on content. This approach helps you a lot because your readers will think that you wrote the content all by yourself!

Fueling Your Fan Base with Social Media Marketing in Connecticut

With billions of people visiting various social media websites, it is important for your business to have a dominating presence in these networks. Enhance the interactivity levels with social media marketing. Today, your business has a provision to engage with the customers on a personal level – thanks to social media. With the precise application of our marketing strategies, it is very much possible to earn the trust and loyalty of all these followers. Business owners often ask for our help because marketing in social media can turn out to be a time-consuming process.

OneIMS can post updates on behalf of your firm. Our social media marketing team will also share links frequently while replying to the comments. We take the process of interacting with the customers to the next level. We will work hard to match with the exact tone, style, and voice that you would like your brand to have in these networks. Our team will also engage with the other business pages related in one way or another with your market niche. While we are handling all your social media marketing, you can rest assured and focus on running your business.

The comments we leave or our postings will appear as if they are coming directly from your end. While being the brand ambassadors for your firm, we will also work towards maintaining the personality and integrity of your business in the social media. Our engaging content will end up appealing to your existing and target customers. Right now, your business might have deployed a social media marketing strategy and if those techniques are not generating the desired results, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are also available for all the Connecticut businesses that required a proper social media strategy built right from the scratch.

Growing Your Business with Local SEO in Connecticut

Ideally, your business needs to focus on building long-term partnerships with local customers. But, how do you make the local target audience aware of your products and services? Right now, your business might be relying a lot on the local markets. In such a situation, it is not wise to optimize your website for the public – or for people located in some other neighboring state. With our local SEO marketing strategies in Connecticut, your firm will end up getting the attention it deserves, especially in the local searches.

Do bear in mind that Connecticut local SEO is miles different from the traditional organic SEO. For instance, we must work on creating an optimizing a Google My Business (GMB) account for your business operation. This is a free business listing service available from Google and by optimizing it, we mean ensuring that the name, address, and contact details are all accurate. Further optimization is possible by using selected keywords to describe your business to the locals. Plenty of people rely on Google Maps to search for products or service providers nearby to them. With an optimized GMB profile in place, it is easy for your business to show up in these Google-based services.

Next, we will focus on increasing the number of citations for your business. Put in plain terms, a citation is nothing but an online mentioning or reference of your business. This reference can be the name, address, or phone number. Google considers citations while calculating the online authority of your site. An accurate listing of these details is important as Google does not like it when incorrect information causes additional inconvenience to everyone involved. An efficient way to improve the number of citations for your business is by listing it in online directories. If your website and business details are readily available via these directories, then more people will be able to find it.

How Does Paid Advertising in Connecticut Help Your Business?

Pay per click (PPC) internet advertising is one of the options many marketing professionals will opt for, to jump-start the online visibility of your business. When done properly, this advertising methods literally allows your business to jump quickly to the top of the search engine results page (SERP). However, the only condition is the following – you will have to pay every time someone decides to click the ad and check out your website. These advertisements often appear all along with the organic search results and thus only people who are genuinely interested in trying out your products and services might click the ad.

Although PPC in Connecticut and AdWords might appear uncomplicated, it is necessary to give such tasks to the certified and experienced professionals who have already managed a bunch of campaigns. In the hands of the inexperienced, PPC is a waste of time and other valuable resources like your hard-earned savings. Our campaigns will come with every detail that will get the attention of the potential customers when they are all set to place a purchase order. Thanks to our efforts, you might never have to wait for a long time to see the intended results. We will start with a small budget and then work towards grander campaigns when you get the maximum ROI.

How Our Connecticut SEO Services Differ from The Others?

SEO is a lucrative industry and this explains why everyone is busy starting their own digital marketing company in Connecticut. OneIMS is distinctly different from the rest of the competition because we have been optimizing websites for Google and the end-users for at least a decade. Our intention is to make your hard-earned savings work for you on a long-term basis. We try to keep our services affordable while coming up with forward-thinking SEO strategies for your business. Your business will begin to experience elevated ROI levels and will also be able to withstand the tests of time.

Unlike the other SEO firms, our clients will always have direct access to the teams via emails or cell phones. We understand that search engine marketing can be a difficult concept for several business owners and so, we are happy to answer any questions that you might have for us. With prompt answers, we will also work hard to resolve any issues that often creeps into the scenario. The underlying idea is to keep you informed with the latest developments and marketing strategies that we have deployed to popularize your business on the internet.

Our Connecticut SEO experts are extremely proficient in what they do. We constantly evaluate our strategy to find out the techniques that work and the ones that we need to discard because of the latest algorithm changes pushed forward by the search engines. Talk with our strategist today and find out your current SEO status by running a free website audit.

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