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Search engine optimization (SEO) offers several attractive benefits to business owners. The number one advantage of applying SEO techniques is the boost in the online visibility of your business. By boosting the online visibility of your website, you are attracting more web traffic. A boost in the overall amount of traffic flowing to your site in turn implies more revenue for your business.

OneIMS offers a range of SEO services for business owners who are planning to expand in and around Columbus, Ohio. Some of the very best specialists in this industry are currently offering their services to help your business. Since they have been optimizing websites for several years, these experts know everything about on-page and off-page SEO. They were fortunate enough to optimize websites when Google was busy pushing out minor and major algorithm changes.

Growing your business is easy when you have direct access to SEO consultants and specialists. Experts think that SEO is one of the building blocks of effective internet marketing. Putting your business or website in front of many people has never been this easy. Online technologies are always evolving because the browsing habits of people change with time. Our clients are always ahead of their competitors. Listed below is a small insight into some of the services available from our end.

Generating More Business with Competitive Analysis

Baseline competitive analysis enables us to find out the current positioning of your site among the competitors. The research service offered from our end can help you understand a lot about the competition. We start by thoroughly analyzing your competitor’s website. Please understand that there is a reason they are leading while your business lags. It might be duty to the presence of quality backlinks or impeccable content marketing done by them.

Maybe they have a better presence in the social media. By studying where they excel, it will be possible for us to generate a proper marketing plan. Taking your website to the next level is all about doing what your competition does; but with more efficiency! Just like analyzing the competition, we will also analyze your business. Maybe your existing website has coding errors leading to a reduction in its page rank. Issues can be anywhere and it is our duty to find and sort them out.

After doing the analysis, we compile and present our clients with a report of our findings. This report will explain what your competition has done – and what your business lacks to succeed. Our clients will understand the relevant role played by these reports. We will then work on jumpstarting the online presence of your site.

Website Analysis to Improve Your Web Presence

As mentioned earlier, a thorough website analysis will help us to weed out the issues with your current site. This is a highly technical process which includes locating any website coding issues. Website designers and developers might miss the small details because they tend to focus on the larger issues. For instance, something as trivial as missing image ALT tags can affect the page ranking of your site.

Our team has developed a suite of programs to help businesses in Columbus, Ohio with their digital marketing needs. We use a couple of this software to analyze your site. At the end of this process, we will do on-page optimization for your website. This includes evaluating the existing content present in the site along with checking it for speed and responsiveness. We will also analyze the quality of the backlinks and the social media presence of your business. The underlying idea is to improve the performance of your site online.

Achieving Marketing Goals with Keyword Research

Both studies and our experiences show that keyword research is essential for the success of our marketing campaigns. Keyword research is all about finding the keywords the others might use to locate your website online. We will then try to rank your website for these keywords. Naturally, when people type these keywords in the search bar, Google will present your website among the top search results.

Finding out these essential keywords is a challenge faced by every SEO professional. Google offers their own keyword planner tool; but it does come with its own share of limitations. We have some utilities that can dish out the keywords used by the web searchers with much more precision. These programs help us to study how people use specific keyword phrases and to measure the competition for these keywords. Selecting and using certain kinds of keywords will entice people to make a purchase.

The keywords selected for optimizing your site must be extremely relevant to your business. Likewise, these keywords must specifically target people who are ready to purchase. This enables our team to get the most ROI for your business in the least amount of time. Better ROI can be about increasing the leads or sales; it can also be something like getting more subscribers.

After selecting the keywords, our team will deliver the list of keywords selected to optimize your business online. This report will contain details about the search volume and competition levels of these keywords. We do all this so that you can understand more about the keywords used to popularize your business online. Suggestions from your end is always welcome.

Creating and Managing Original Content for Your Website

Have you ever seen a website without content? The answer will be a resounding No! Content is the backbone of every website. And your site needs to have the best content it will ever get. Quality and creative content must be there on every web page. The same is applicable to your business’s blog postings too.

As expected, several business owners do not pay much attention to the content in their sites. Did you know that websites that have content get seven to eight times more traffic? The number of leads generated for your business can increase with quality content. Naturally, the conversion rates also optimize a lot with original content. Rather than relying on content mills or article sweatshops, OneIMS employs a team of professional writers.

When people get the best information available online from your site, Google also takes note of the situation. Our intention is to make your business an authority figure in the industry. People will flock in large numbers in your site and blogs rather than spending their time with your competitors!

Dominate the Competition with On-Page Optimization

Optimizing the website for search engines as well as the end users is a complex task. For instance, we need to optimize every single web page within the site – not just the landing page. We have already seen the importance of keyword research. One of the aspects of on-page optimization is to use these keywords naturally on the web page content. Google also tries to keep things simple. And that is nothing but to provide a quality user experience to the visitors. Offer excellent user experience and watch your site marching ahead of the others in the search engine results page!

Google’s bots will go through every web page of your site. Likewise, these bots need to glean the maximum amount of unique information from the web pages. If there is a need to add more information, then our professional writers can help. The right keywords must be present not just within the content, but also in the title tags and meta descriptions. Similarly, Google’s bots cannot understand image files. Instead, we need to provide image alt tags – so that the bots can assimilate information about the images.

Web searchers also seek images (there is a convenient Images option in the SERP). Now, if your site does not have image ALT tags, Google simply skimps through the content. Another website with integrated image ALT tags get a higher priority. We need to pay attention to these minute details for on-page optimization. During these times, especially if your website runs on , we need to pay attention to Schema Markup.

Google now displays information-rich snippets in the search engine results page. Unless we add the necessary code changes to your site, Schema Markup optimization is not going to happen.

Building the Credibility of Your Website with Link Building

Link building is a form of off-page optimization technique. The more the number of quality backlinks to your site, the better credibility it has. A website that has credibility will find favor in the eyes of Google and the end users as well. OneIMS does not engage in any kind of black-hat link building practices. We will earn every link via manual outreach. Working with other websites to get your URL on them might appear like a simple process on paper. However, the actual scenario is a bit convoluted.

Unless you have great content to offer, the other website owners might not be interested in your propositions. Keeping this in mind, we will create and post quality guest posts on their website. Done properly, expanding your backlink network via link building will enable the site to get better ranking online.

Helping Small Businesses Gain More Visibility Using Citations

Citations come under the broad spectrum of local SEO. Some SEO consultants argue that citations are even more important than link building. Just as the term implies, citations are the online mentions of your business. Someone else mentioning the name of your business, its address or phone number is a great deal for local SEO. An excellent way to build citations for your business is by listing it in online directories.

Once again, if your business is present in many online directories, more people will find it easily. Duplicate citations can lower the page ranking of your website. We work hard to remove duplicate entries for your business from online directories. Something as trivial as spelling mistakes in the name or address can similarly negatively affect the online visibility of your firm. Google’s bots also check for data inconsistencies.

We will look more into local SEO and the importance of Google’s My Business account in the section below.

Get #1 Rank for Your Business with Local SEO

Local SEO is important, especially for budding businesses. The idea behind local SEO is to dominate your local search engine rankings in Columbus, Ohio. Local SEO is important because people have started using several online platforms to get information about local businesses. Apart from relying on search engines, people also use Google Maps and internet yellow pages. Local directories and social media all play their own unique roles in popularizing your business online.

There exist distinctive differences between local and normal SEO. Our strategies work well to ensure that your business dominates its competition. We start by optimizing your business for the local search services like Google Places or Bing Places. Websites where people can leave reviews for your services, like Yelp listings are also important. For on-page optimization, we need to conduct local keyword research.

Plenty of people rely on Google Maps (or similar mapping services) to locate local businesses. If your company is not showing up on Maps, then you stand to lose plenty of business. Why should your firm miss out the potential customers? Our local SEO techniques will help your business to grow and flourish online.

Website Maintenance to Keep It Running Efficiently

If your website does not perform well, then Google will give it a lower page ranking. At the same time, high ranking websites exhibit robust performance levels. The site’s loading speed must be optimal. With the help of custom tools, we can conduct speed tests on your site every month. And we will do everything to keep on running smoothly with backups taken at regular intervals. Delivering the best results possible for our clients – this is our motto.

Analytics, Dashboard Reporting to Track and Adjust the Marketing Objectives

The importance of tracking the several marketing campaigns is somewhat obvious. How else would we know about the strategies that work and the ones that does not produce any results? Monthly performance reports are always available to our clients.

We go to great lengths to discuss these reports with the clients. They need to know what we had worked on the previous month and how it had fared for their business. Since we are already aware of the techniques that did not produce any results, OneIMS will work on fine-tuning them. Once again, we wait for a month or so and see the results. Quite often, these tweaks will bring forth a positive difference to the search engine marketing campaign. SEO is all about working on tweaking the existing mechanisms so that they will produce the desired results every time.

Why do we have to keep on making minor changes to our proprietary systems? Google is pushing minor and major algorithm changes every now and then. Internet marketing is a dynamic process and it pays to be ahead of your competition always. When the landscape of SEO changes you will need our help so that more people can find your business online. Therefore, we track our operations and report them to you at designated intervals.

Why Should You Choose OneIMS For Your Digital Marketing Needs?

SEO can appear deceptively simple. There are several companies that offer these kinds of services in Columbus, Ohio. What are the advantages in store for you by opting for our services?

  • Your website will get increased rankings in the popular search engines like Google, Bing
  • The increased rankings will lead to more people visiting your website
  • When more visitors come, there is always the chance to get more paying customers
  • The brand recognition for your business improves with our help
  • Our services are affordable; search engine marketing is inherently cheaper than the other types of marketing

Most of the marketing agencies go to extreme lengths to avoid providing you with any kind of guarantees. However, we are different. Our team will guarantee higher rankings for specific keywords for your website. In short, we pay attention to our clients and provide them with a satisfactory service while focusing on the results.

Internet marketing began to gain importance as too many people started using the internet every day. Back when only a few had access to the internet, there was no need for any specialized internet marketing techniques. As cited earlier, OneIMS is always ahead of the curve. Only then, we will be able to offer our expertise to expand your business.

Your business goals and objectives are unique. Likewise, the marketing strategy deployed in your company must also be exceptional. The application of unique strategies allows your business to skyrocket to the top search results. SEO is a comprehensive approach that involves website designing and development, along with on-page and off-page optimization. A large part of our business comes from referrals only.

While it is possible for anyone to produce momentary results, we focus on sustained results. After getting high page rankings for your site, it is important to maintain the position.

Do get in touch with us for a free website audit and talk with a strategist today.

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