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To make sure your business has a chance to experience accelerated growth and get the most out of your lead generation efforts, you need to strategically invest in paid media to meet your marketing and business objectives. While paid media is a potentially crucial element of your business’s overall marketing efforts, it doesn’t serve as a substitute for search engine optimization (SEO) as much as it does a supplementary service. A hybridization of pay-per-click (PPC) and SEO can give your business what it needs to thrive, with a combination of SEO strategies along with display ads, social ads, and remarketing ads.

Both B2B and B2C companies can benefit from using paid media channels to attract high-quality leads and identify better sales opportunities. B2B companies may experience longer sales cycles and high-ticket products or services, but they can still experience many positive results from an effective PPC campaign along with a comprehensive SEO campaign. PPC can help with your sales funnel, attracting qualified leads while also assisting with the nurturing process through display ads and other account-based marketing (ABM) strategies that can rejuvenate your overall marketing efforts.

Keeping PPC Simple

While paid search is often one of the most effective means to drive quality traffic to your website, it can also get complicated, requiring a lot of time and competitiveness. Because of this complexity and the effort required to run a consistent PPC campaign, particularly when in conjunction with an SEO campaign, businesses are unlikely to find success in PPC on their own. At OneIMS, our experienced specialists are dedicated to developing a PPC strategy that works for you.

Work with a Chicago Pay-Per-Click Company for Paid Media Strategy and Management

OneIMS can help you with all of your PPC needs to drive both impressions and qualified sales leads and customers. We achieve this through precise targeting and conversion optimization. Our team of experts can help you either capture or create demand with a campaign that includes paid search, display ads, retargeting ads, social ads, content amplification, or a combination that uses several of these at once. With our help, you can find the right audience for your business, engage them, and encourage them to perform the desired action through CTAs and other means to help ensure you experience improved Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

Search engine marketing (SEM), including PPC advertising, helps companies get faster results from their online marketing efforts. Some enterprises might be under the impression that this is a quick and easy solution to improve their online presence, but there is a lot of competition to be found on search engines, which is why companies should turn to experts for PPC services. OneIMS can turn your investment into an effective way to make more money and increase your ROI.

Our specialists will work with you to use the best possible strategy for your company, identifying hidden opportunities to increase revenue that you may have previously missed. We also look for unique keyword opportunities that people are searching for to help draw your target audience, with the possibility of discovering other untapped markets. To help track your campaign’s progress, we also provide regular reporting, which includes A/B testing, conversion optimization, search query reports, and CTR from ads.

Services You’ll Get with a Chicago Paid Search Consultant

Services You'll Get with a Chicago Paid Search Consultant

OneIMS uses the latest technology to develop and manage your PPC campaigns, with trustworthy partnerships and credentials that can help ensure you that we carefully plan and execute each campaign. There are several aspects that we can cover in your PPC campaign.

Mobile PPC

Many people do their shopping on smartphones and other mobile devices, which means that they can see and respond to PPC ads that they come across. There are several methods of mobile PPC marketing available for companies to utilize for attracting quality leads:

  • Geo-targeting for mobile users within a specific radius
  • Mobile landing pages
  • Click-to-call functionality
  • Interactive maps
  • Service provider-specific targeting options

Each of these can make sure your company stays above competitors when it comes to mobile PPC.

Google Product Ads

Online retailers often rely on product ads to direct prospective customers to their online store. With Google product ads, you can have ads for all of your products right up front when people perform a Google search for a certain type of product. These ads include an image of the product, description, and price that shows them exactly what they’ll get prior to clicking.

This information can help convert visitors to leads before they even visit your website, resulting in better leads and improved ROI.

Specific benefits of Google product ads include:

  • Product images that attract customers instantly and help increase click-through rates
  • Detailed product descriptions that further help draw qualified leads
  • Better ROI because of more high-quality leads
  • Potential multiple listings per search query
  • Interactive maps

Social Media Ads

Facebook and Twitter are extremely common among web users, which is why it’s important as a business to take advantage of them. OneIMS can help with the development and spread of social ads that are highly targeted and cost-efficient, attracting users based on their individual preferences. Specifically, social media ads will display for users based on their likes and interests, geographic location, lifestyle, and more, which allows for complete fine-tuning.

Through social ad campaigns, you can benefit from multiple features including:

  • Highly relevant targeted ads influenced by user behavior
  • Retargeting options that encourage repeat visitors and conversions
  • Cost-effective displays for higher ROI
  • Improved visibility on the most popular social media websites

With a social ad strategy utilizing these features, you can attract many social media users who may otherwise be less likely to find your business.

Display and Retargeting Ads

Using display ad services, OneIMS can carry your PPC campaign beyond search engines to reach out to users all over the web. Visually dynamic display ads can promote your business on websites with relevant content, connecting with potential customers who are likely to be the most interested in your business. Our retargeting capabilities will allow you to display ads to users who have already visited your website, which can help increase brand recognition and encourage previous visitors to return.

OneIMS display and retargeting ads can provide you with:

  • A professional design team to help create unique, visually appealing ads
  • Display ads on relevant websites
  • User-specific behavioral targeting
  • Competitive pricing options

With the help of OneIMS, you’ll be able to see better results in your marketing efforts with display ads and retargeting that reach further outside of search engines to engage leads.

Landing Page Design

Landing pages provide information about a company that is directly relevant to ads that users click to get to the page. OneIMS provides businesses with a full team of web designers, developers, and content writers who can collaborate on the creation of effective landing pages that draw PPC customers to your website.

Based on your current branding and web design, we can build unique landing pages that complement your brand image, providing users with plenty of detailed information to help engage them and take action via CTA forms or product ordering options. If you would like to redesign your entire website, we can also provide web design and development services for landing pages and the rest of your site.

Call Tracking

Sometimes businesses receive calls from leads without ever finding out how that person found their business in the first place. OneIMS makes sure that business owners aren’t left in the dark regarding call origination with call tracking services. We can include phone numbers that are unique to specific landing pages, and we can then monitor the duration and origin of each call your business receives through our tracking programs. This information can give you even more insight into your leads, helping you address their concerns more effectively and provide them with the exact products or services they want.

Through call tracking with OneIMS, you can track several details including:

  • Time and duration of each call
  • Geographic origin
  • Log of all answered and unanswered calls to make sure nothing is missed
  • Web pages that led to each call

Ad Tracking and Reporting

The only way to determine how well your PPC campaign is working is through detailed tracking and reports. OneIMS will make sure that you’re never uncertain about how well your campaign is performing.

We’ll keep a close eye on all of the results and progress of your ads, breaking down data into comprehensive data that’s easy to understand. You’ll have a clear picture about which parts of your campaign are working the way they should along with weak areas that you should address. You’ll be able to see how your budget is being used, making ROI more transparent than ever.

OneIMS PPC ad tracking gives you the ability to:

  • Understand your ROI
  • Compare the success rates of multiple PPC strategies
  • Easily make adjustments to your budget and campaigns
  • Get detailed analytics about customer behavior and priorities

At OneIMS, every aspect of your PPC ad campaigns will be under your complete control at all times.

Choose the Chicago PPC Company That is a Google Certified Partner

Choose the Chicago PPC Company That is a Google Certified Partner

Not only does OneIMS have the expertise to handle every aspect of your PPC campaigns, but we also have the credentials as a Google Certified Partner. The main benefit of working with a Google Certified Partner such as OneIMS is the additional access your business gets to Google-sponsored support and other benefits that you won’t see with a company that doesn’t have these credentials.

As a Google Certified Partner, this also means that we are consistently up-to-date regarding Google AdWords and Google Analytics, keeping up with Google’s ever-changing algorithms and updates, with in-depth knowledge about their tools.

Get Started on Your PPC Campaign Today with OneIMS

To start developing an effective PPC campaign that can give you the results you desire, with more high-quality leads and improved ROI, consult with OneIMS today. Our team of experts is ready to help you create ad campaigns and landing pages that reach your target audience and increase lead acquisition in the long run.

In addition to PPC, we can also help you with a selection of SEO services that can help with organic rankings both on- and off-site, along with digital PR, content syndication, and influencer outreach. We can also help with the creation of a unique website with innovative web design and development that helps your brand stand out.

We’ll work with you to develop a completely customized solution that can improve your overall lead conversion and ROI while remaining within your budget.

For help with your online marketing campaign today, including a paid media strategy, contact OneIMS at 1-888-663-4671.

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