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Establishing a good online presence is important for the continued sustenance of your Baltimore business. OneIMS will deploy successful internet marketing strategies that will help your business website rank higher on the search engines for specific keywords. More than 95% of consumers use the internet to find information about different products and services. When they search for local business information, your website URL must pop up on top of the search results. The underlying notion is to be where your customers are and you will end up getting a lot more of them.

If you look at successful businesses within the state and the nation, it is easy to understand that most of them have a sizable presence on the internet. No matter the size or the industry you deal with, a Baltimore SEO company can help your business by stimulating the brand and reaching out to the target customers. Our services will help to highlight the uniqueness of your products and services. Search engine optimization is an umbrella term that denotes several activities like website design, content creation, and social media marketing. We might also have to depend upon paid search advertising mechanisms to get the desired results.

Getting More Customers with Our Web Design and Development Services

The primary purpose of your business website is to get more customers. To get all the customers that would take your business to the next level, it is important to have a website that functions properly so that the search engines will love it. At the end of the day, you should feel proud to show off your website featuring all its products and services to your target customers. It is pivotal to get exposure to attract more customers. When done properly, your website will serve as a medium to visually communicate some of the important aspects of your brand.

There are two ways with the help of which we can create a website for your business. The first method is to do everything from scratch. The alternate option is to take a website template and change it until it becomes that website of your dreams. This option is slightly cost-effective when compared to the first approach. We could also work on redesigning your existing website so that it is better suited to the current standards. Do bear in mind that we do our fair share of homework before taking on any kind of web design project.

It is vital to have a clear understanding of your company and the project goals while designing or developing a website. Through several discussions, we will find out all the aspects which will help us to create a website that will help in making your brand stand out from the rest of the competition. If you already have an existing site, we will test its usability and to improve all the aspects that are not working as originally intended. When the desires of your prospective customers match up with your business needs, then a conversion can take place.

We pay attention to the minute details often ignored by the others. For instance, it is important to do web design with a purpose. All the visitors flocking to your website in large numbers must have a great experience regardless of the device they use for browsing the internet. In other terms, we work hard to create a mobile-friendly and responsive website for your customers and the search engines. If you plan to sell your products and services via the same site, we can help with e-commerce web design. With our help, you now have the option of serving your best customers with unique offers.

The custom website design and development services offered by OneIMS have helped several businesses in different parts of the state. We tailor these services so that they will end up fitting your business needs. Only then, our services will help with getting the desired results. Usability is an important criterion that many professionals tend to ignore while creating websites. People try to keep themselves away from websites that are too difficult to navigate. At the same time, if your existing business site fosters poor flow, we can bolster it. Google also considers the number of broken links and the time taken for your website to load while ranking it.

Business owners need to understand that the process of getting found on Google is a full-time task. If you would like your business to get more conversions, it is important to hire our SEO consultants.

SEO Keyword Research for Your Business

If you look at successful SEO campaigns, it is easy to understand the importance of keyword research. Throughout the years we have seen several Baltimore SEO agencies get the basics wrong by focusing on the wrong set of key terms and phrases. Right now, if you feel that many of your customers are choosing the services offered by your competitor, then it is probably because someone may have optimized your business website with generic or ultra-competitive keywords. The key to this research process is to keep up that perfect balance between short and long-tail keywords.

We are aware that gunning for the keywords with the highest amounts of competition is not worthy of our time – at least during the initial phases of getting Google to rank your website. The broad or head keywords boast of the highest traffic and it is impossible to get conversions from these terms. People who have multiple intentions will use the broad or head keywords. The right approach is to focus on long tail keywords.  The traffic for long tail keywords might be low now, but you can get the best conversion rates by applying these phrases throughout the website content.

All those who are genuinely interested in your products or services (and wish to make an immediate purchase) will use long-tail keywords on the search engines. Bear in mind that there is a reason long-tail keywords have the highest cost per click on AdWords. We study and get a thorough understanding of your target market the demographics and the intention behind their search to get the keyword research done properly.

Optimizing the website also involves adding various types of media such as images and videos. The idea is to make your web pages the best ones available on the internet. Shareworthy content spreads through social media and shows the search engines that your website is a source of unique information. This stance will further improve the ranking of your website.

Local SEO in Baltimore

Local SEO is different from traditional organic SEO strategies. Local Baltimore SEO strategies are useful for all those businesses whose target audience is present within a small radius of the location of the business. Search engines use the current location of the web searcher to highlight different local products and service providers. Our local SEO techniques will help your business appear on top of the Google search results. The process of ranking your small business on Google might appear uncomplicated. However, as we delve deeper into the niche, you will soon understand that the situation is better if left to the experienced professionals from OneIMS.

Increasing the brand awareness of your business is the first step. Social media marketing is the most economical solution available to business owners of this generation. If a local business becomes a household name, then it can thrive in the many years to come. Using precise social media marketing and advertising mechanisms, it is possible to highlight your business details to the right people at the right time. Paid search advertising via social media channels can help your business to gain popularity within a short period. This is necessary because allowing the popularity to increase organically takes time.

The next step is to optimize your Google My Business (GMB) account. If you have not yet claimed your GMB page, we will do that. It is important to use the right keywords while describing your business in a precise format. We will give a backlink to your website URL in your GMB profile. Often, we have noticed that business owners commit errors while populating the correct categories for their business. We will audit your GMB profile and make sure that the name, address, and phone number (NAP) details are all consistent.

As mentioned earlier, local SEO can help by highlighting your business to all those who are in immediate need of a product or service. People generally look at the online reviews before they decide to check out a business. This explains why we pay attention to fostering online reviews for your business. Increasing the number of reviews that people left soon after choosing your offerings will help the prospective customers’ mind at ease. Our team will also carry out several on page SEO plans. For instance, we will optimize the meta description and the images with ALT-text.

The Schema Markup of your website will also go through an enhancement process allowing Google to start showing the link to your site when someone searches for your brand. Likewise, consistent information in the local citations (online directories that mention the NAP details of your business) can help with the local search ranking of your website.

Driving Engagement and Generating Leads with Social Media Marketing

The deficiencies of the traditional advertising mechanisms are somewhat relevant during these times. This is because of the simple fact that your prospects are spending more time on social media than reading newspapers or magazines. We offer foolproof social media marketing services with clear strategies and a good team to help your business all the way through. Some of the social media platforms that can produce consistent results for your company include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube. We need to apply unique, powerful strategies in each of these networks to build brand awareness, sales, and audience reach.

We start by researching and identifying all the opportunities for your business to produce inimitable campaign messages allowing it to engage with the target demographic in a meaningful way. The underlying intention of social media campaigns is to increase the number of likes and shares. Within no time, people will start taking notice of your business venture because of our strategic content and social media marketing processes. While developing the content, our outreach specialists will take care to include your recommendations and ideas because they tend to resonate better with the target audience.

To do content marketing in a way with which it produces the intended results, there must be an underlying content strategy. This strategy will, in turn, find the planning and positioning of the content so that it will produce the most amount of leads for your business in the shortest period. At the same time, we will come up with routines to create, nourish and grow the social media communities exclusively set up to help the advancement of your business. Throughout the years, our campaign management team has managed to produce shareworthy and engaging content that has helped our clients acquire thousands of fans.

Did you know that it is possible to display targeted advertisements to a select group of people who visit these social channels regularly? Social media advertising is one of the best ways to highlight your products or services to all those who might genuinely end up being long-term customers. Our team can take care of everything ranging from creating the ad, finding the correct group of people to show the ad to while checking the effectiveness of the campaign to make it much more successful.

Using Paid Advertising to Get Immediate Results

Business owners tend to underestimate the power of Google AdWords and paid search advertising approaches in general because they may not have obtained the desired results the one time they tried it. The paid search advertising feature put forward by the different search engines like Google and Bing are powerful tools that your company must use to get immediate results at a managed cost. Although anyone can play around with Google AdWords, we do not have the option of experimenting at a time when the cost per click is at an all-time high.

This fact could also explain why your business will need the assistance of a team of certified PPC marketing and AdWords experts. Only this team will have the knowledge and the ability to put forward the best strategy possible for your business. We also offer certain Google AdWords packages to help you get instant brand recognition and awareness from the prospects. Our specialists can set up and manage your AdWords campaigns. If someone else was already managing the campaign, we can take over and improve its effectiveness. Competent search engine marketing or PPC advertising will go hand in hand with engaging web design and you can now enjoy them in a cost-effective fashion.

While experienced team members are taking care of your Google AdWords campaigns, you will be able to gain access to detailed reports that detail various insights into our activities. These reports will also include details about the spending activities so that you are aware of every penny spent. You can review the performance and ROI of your online marketing campaigns easily via these monthly statements. Pay per click internet advertising, when done befittingly, will help your business site get targeted traffic right from the start. Rather than paying to reach someone who is not interested in your products and services, it does make sense to focus on people who are actively searching for information about your offerings.

After understanding your business’s unique requirements, we will work hard to make sure that the prospects understand how your products or services are different from the usual competition. We will also emphasize your selling points to make your business stand out. Our conversion and branding campaigns help in reaching the right audience. An audit of your business and its AdWords campaign will allow us to find and carry out a winning strategy. Our consultants will find the right keywords for generating leads and sales. Tracking the engagement levels and progress of the campaigns is the next step.

In the meantime, we will also do multiple A/B split testing to find out the ads that offer the best conversion and click-through rates. Furthermore, we will keep on reviewing the campaign monthly to measure the performance and to find additional ways to improve the campaign.

Getting Started with Our Baltimore SEO Company

At OneIMS we believe in building tomorrow’s biggest brands today on the internet. We understand that there is this innate need to optimize the digital presence of your business in this city. If you are looking for user-centric marketing strategies that will get the attention of the various search engine algorithms, then we can lend our abilities. SEO is a dynamic niche and the number of hours one puts in does not matter here, but only the results. Let us use some of the top marketing tools and strategies to get long-lasting organic SEO results for your business.

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