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Many Ohio-based Akron businesses find it extremely difficult when it comes to thriving in a competitive online market. OneIMS is an online marketing agency in Akron that can help your business build a strong presence online. We specialize in search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search advertising tactics –all designed to transform casual website visitors to long term customers. In short, taking your business to the top of the search engine results page (SERP) is easy when you are dealing with an experienced team who have access to just the right kind of tools needed for the job.

Apart from being time-tested and results-driven, we strictly adhere to white-hat SEO strategies to build your presence online in a sustainable manner. Our services have helped several business owners to get extremely targeted organic search engine traffic to their websites. We are optimizing your website not just for the search engines, but also for the end users. SEO is comprised of several activities simultaneously happening in the background. For instance, along with optimizing your website using localized high-performing keywords, our team will also manage your social media campaigns and pay-per-click advertising programs.

SEO is also a challenging landscape to navigate because of its ever-changing nature. Google continually releases algorithm updates designed to create and provide a better search experience for the end users. If you would like your business to appear more frequently in the SERP and in front of all potential customers, then our approaches can benefit you. In the sections that follow, we’ll provide you with a brief insight into some of the services available from our end.

Website Design and Development in Akron


A large number of people simply focus on owning a good-looking website. However, business owners need to think differently to succeed during these tough times. Rather than searching for a web design company that can provide your business with a pretty website, you must find a firm that helps you build an SEO-friendly website. If people are not able to find your business site among the search results, the entire budget set aside for web design purposes goes to waste. Our team is adept when it comes to building websites from scratch that can attract and engage your target end users.

A properly designed website will play an important role in building the brand awareness and recognition of your products/services online. Since we make use of dedicated SEO techniques right from the get-go, it is easy for the search engines to locate and highlight your site for the relevant keyword searches. People need to get a good first impression because that matters a lot at the end of the day. There are no second chances involved here because if people find your website unappealing, they will promptly decide to check out the website hosted by your competition.

All the websites designed and developed by our team will have a pleasing aesthetic appeal to them. And because the website will have an easy-to-navigate architecture, people will love spending their time browsing through the different web pages. The visitors need to find what they are looking for easily and then they are bound to have a good user experience. Likewise, we focus on creating websites that are not only functional but will also load seamlessly thanks to our HTML5 web design process. The websites designed will also be responsive, i.e. they will render properly in most of the well-known mobile platforms.

If you wish to sell your products or services via the same site, we can integrate robust e-commerce solutions complete with an easy-to-use shopping cart system for your customers. In short, we offer the best online interactive experience to your visitors using smart web design techniques.

Akron SEO Keyword Research Services

Keyword research effectively doubles up as a process that will connect you with your target audience. Every day, there are millions of people typing different strings of words into Google’s search bar—they expect the search engine to direct them to a website that will solve their problems. Keyword research is the process of finding all these search terms used by people who are genuinely interested in your products/services. With the help of our keyword research services, it is possible to optimize your website for certain select phrases and search terms.

The competent keyword research and analysis available from our end will bring the right kind of target audience to your website. To get an idea of what people type in the search bar, we initially make use of Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool before moving on to advanced proprietary utilities. Looking at the search terms your competitors already rank for will enable us to get some ideas about the type of content to create and the keywords to target/avoid. The ideal set of keywords will have certain characteristics associated with them. They will (1) be relevant to your business (2) have relatively high search volume.

Another attribute we look at is the difficulty or the competitiveness of the keywords. It does not make sense to target keywords monitored by the established industry players and big companies. Keyword selection is a balancing act because at times, we might also need to focus on certain type of keywords that have low volume but come with high conversion probabilities. These keywords, otherwise known as long-tail keywords, help your website to rank for very specific searches and to bring in all those who are willing to do business with you/solve their problem almost immediately.

If you operate a business that has a physical storefront, we look at local keywords too. These search phrases have high-converting capabilities while being less competitive.

Link Building Services in Akron

Link building is one of the most efficient ways with the help of which we can increase your website’s online reputation and visibility. Unless your website has inbound links or backlinks pointing to it (from other external domains), Google might not give it a better ranking in the search results. In other terms, even if you have gotten everything else correct, in the absence of a proper link portfolio, search engines may attribute a lower ranking for the site. This explains why we focus not just on creating great content using targeted keywords but also on acquiring quality backlinks pointing to your site.

There are several routes to acquire links. However, to know the best ones that we need to take, it is important to look at the target audiences. Only they will take the initiative to read the content developed for link building purposes and if they like what they read, they will happily share it with the others. Once we determine the target audience, it is time to research and analyze their search/online behavior so that we can find out
the most beneficial people to reach out to! Likewise, checking the link profiles of the competitors allows us to find out how they have managed to get links from other authoritative websites.

Backlinks from websites that have the best domain authorities will turn out to be helpful. Similarly, links must come from relevant sources. Social media can play its own unique role in promoting your website
and because we include links in every post, it is easy to get organic traffic from these channels too. Lately, you might have noticed search engines paying attention to cues from social networks. At the same time, we use certain tools to find broken links on websites –once we find them, it is possible to use our content to replace the broken link.

Social Media Marketing

An effective social media marketing strategy comes with its own share of advantages. They are (1) useful for growing your business (2) helpful for maintaining/bolstering the presence of your business in the social media and (3) good for engaging with the target audience. What are some of the benefits that you can enjoy? Our social media management services allow you to spend more time focusing on running your business. Different changes happen in the social media networks all the time and a business owner will find it difficult to keep up with all these adjustments.

The bottom line is plain and simple—it is nothing but to make your business look great in different social media channels. Every social media platform is unique in the sense that they serve different audiences who come from equally diverse cultures. This aspect is crucial because our social media specialists can work to find you just the right mix of social media networks to market or advertise your products/services. We can help with setting up the profile pages in these platforms and we take care of the daily posting activities on behalf of our clients.

The curated content posted on these networks will encourage the visitors and followers to interact/engage with your business. When effectively applied, social media serves as an excellent option to divert organic, targeted, and quality traffic to your business site. As mentioned earlier, the right kind of people who have the best intentions must be visiting your site. Only then, the conversions would take place at an optimized pace. Along with content development, we monitor the conversations that are taking place in these networks. This is helpful to nip problematic issues right in the bud.

Social media is a powerful medium not just for marketing but also for targeted advertising. It is important to know the ins and outs of managing your social media profiles; else, you will only end up wasting a lot of time without accomplishing anything meaningful. Outsource social media marketing and advertising to our experienced team to improve your brand image and to get better search engine rankings.

Local SEO Services in Akron

Local businesses, especially the ones that have a physical storefront, struggle a lot when it comes to gaining leads and calls. The competitive nature of nearly every industry out there makes the situation even worse. By partnering with an award winning local SEO company like OneIMS, you might never have to worry about getting more customers. Our proven record of accomplishment in this segment often speaks for itself, and several Ohio-based businesses have contacted and signed up for our local SEO services in Akron. Search engines need to have a clear understanding about the physical location of your business.

Only then will the underlying algorithm work overtime to highlight your business details when the local community searches for products/services you offer. We also need to use local search engine optimization strategies to let the search engines know what your business does. We ensure that the search engines understand your business and its target area using schema markup, consistent and accurate name, address, and phone number details and even by optimizing the website content using localized keywords. Likewise, we need to optimize your business information so that it appears on popular mapping services like Google Maps.

We can accomplish this by claiming, verifying, and optimizing your Google My Business page. This is an important free business listing service offered by the search engine company. We will make sure that your GMB profile is complete with all the relevant/accurate information. Google Reviews is also important and we will encourage your existing customers to leave their valuable feedback. Similarly, the informative and creative content developed by our copywriters will always keep the audience from the local community coming back for more. Another excellent option to improve the local search rankings is through citations.

Google’s algorithm pays attention to the number of citations present for a business while evaluating it. Since we have been doing this for several years, it is easy for our team to get citations for your business from relevant and authoritative websites. These well-established websites like Yelp and Yellow Pages will find your customers to find your business over the competition. In short, taking your business to the next level is easy with our local SEO services. Rather than trying to handle SEO and your website on your own, it does make sense to outsource such activities to experienced authorities!

Pay Per Click Management Services

Pay per click (PPC) is a form of internet marketing that can effectively generate immediate sales and help in obtaining targeted leads for your business. We have a team of certified AdWords specialists who have the expertise and the necessary tools to help you achieve all those business goals. Although anyone can set up a PPC campaign, only those with the proper knowledge will be able to manage successful campaigns. As expected, a great amount of research and analysis happens in the background when our team undertakes your campaigns.

The earlier mentioned keyword research once again rears its head when we speak about PPC. We need to research and find the effective keywords that will drive the right kind of customers to your business. Focusing on the right set of keywords also ensures that we do not end up spending too much towards these campaigns. We look at your current competitors and their PPC advertising strategies to ensure that our PPC campaigns are working overtime to get to your ROI goals. Landing pages play an important role in determining the success of the campaign. When people click on our ads, they ultimately end up at one of our landing pages.

By optimizing the landing pages with a great call to action, we slightly tilt the scales in our favor to give the interested parties an opportunity to convert. We have also learned that engaging ads offer a better ROI than the traditional write-ups. People react depending on how we write the ads. This aspect, in fact, explains why we write ads to entice and encourage the viewers to not just click on the ad, but also to follow through with the call to action. PPC campaigns by design lose their efficiency with the passage of time. We cannot have a “set it and forget it” attitude while managing these campaigns.

There is this innate need to monitor and continuously optimize the campaigns so that they reach new heights. Optimizing the campaigns is also one of the best ways for us to deliver the best customers at an efficient ROI. To optimize the campaign, we will frequently test the effectiveness of ads using A/B split testing. The user trends can also keep on changing with the passage of time, as keywords lose their original potentials. Because we track the campaign, it is possible for us to see where the clicks are happening and then fine-tune the campaign to take advantage of this emerging trend.

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Growing the website traffic of your Akron, Ohio-based business is a straightforward process when you partner with an award-winning digital marketing agency in Akron like OneIMS. Our proven search engine marketing services help your business to get more relevant customers through SEO, social media and PPC management services. Along with improving your rankings and increasing the flow of traffic to your business site, we will also focus on the eventual goal i.e. more conversions. Speak with our strategists today!

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