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Adding Every Door Direct Mail to your Integrated Marketing Strategy

Samuel Thimothy - May 24, 2012

every door direct mailA good integrated marketing strategy seamlessly coordinates multiple forms of communication with prospective clients.  Adding a low-cost direct mail campaign to an integrated marketing arsenal will amplify results.  Recent data from Epsilon Targeting’s Consumer Channel Preference Study shows that 60% of consumers enjoy receiving mail from brands and half report paying more attention to postal mail than email.  Store choice is most heavily influenced by print marketing, even for the youngest generation of consumers (ages 15 to 32).  The Every Door Direct Mail service makes location-based targeted campaigns more specific and easier than ever.  It is a low-cost way for local businesses to reach nearby consumers.

Every Door Direct Mail is a feature offered by the United States Postal Service that allows any size business to reach their target markets without having to compile and maintain a database of addresses.  With Every Door Direct Mail, marketers may define their target area by ZIP code, county, or distance from a set location such as a bricks and mortar store.  Every Door Direct Mail also offers the opportunity to be very specific about which addresses should receive the mailing.  One option is to have mail sent to city addresses, rural addresses, PO Boxes, or a combination of the three within a certain area.  Marketers may specify that direct mail pieces go to businesses, residential addresses, or both.  Every Door Direct Mail users may even use a mapping tool to indicate exactly which mail carrier routes should receive a mailing and which should be excluded, making the best use of marketing dollars.

Many businesses are seeing success when using Every Door Direct Mail both on its own, and in combination with other marketing efforts.  While locally-targeted markets are useful for place-based businesses, this tool also proves to be useful for large, national companies.  Companies can use this service to do market testing with a direct mail piece, allowing them to measure results in one small test market prior to expanding the marketing effort nationally or across the world.  Deliver Magazine reports that a national restaurant chain recently received a 4-5% response rate on a postcard mailing utilizing the Every Door Direct Mail service, which is excellent in comparison to the regular 1% response rate normally received.

Every Door Direct Mail can also be used to strategically target areas with a high volume of new construction in an effort to reach new homeowners or those who have recently moved.  According to Our Town America, 60% of new homeowners purchase furniture, 50% purchase home decorations, 35% purchase bedding, 33% purchase lawn equipment or tools, and 15% purchase new computers, home security, or automobiles after a move.  The average new homeowner spends over $9,000 on items within a few months after a move and the average renter spends around $4,000.  It is a good time to target people who are ready to spend and actively creating new brand loyalties.

The possibilities for Every Door Direct Mail are endless.  Combining targeted direct mail with targeted web marketing could supercharge both efforts.  Direct mail marketing is not going away any time soon and, when done correctly, is enjoyed by many consumers.  Check out our direct mail marketing page for more information on developing a high-quality campaign, and do not hesitate to email us or call us at 1-888-663-4671 to start your campaign today.

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