Paid Media

Paid Media

If you are looking to accelerate growth and scale your lead generation efforts, then you need to strategically invest in paid media channels to align your marketing and business goals. Paid media is not a substitute for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), rather it is supplementary. Especially, if you are in a mature and hyper competitive market space, then you do not have the luxury to wait for organic strategies to pick up momentum for you to see results. Thus you need a hybrid approach that will utilize Pay-per-Click (PPC), display ads, remarketing ads, social ads in conjunction with content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

B2C companies are not the only ones who could effectively use paid media channels to attract and convert target audience to marketing qualified leads or sales opportunities. Even B2B companies with long sales cycle and high ticket products or services can use paid media channels to fill top of funnel with marketing qualified leads as well as nurture and accelerate the movement of those leads with display ads and other Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategies.

Paid Media Strategy and Management

Paid media strategy and management offered at OneIMS drives not just impressions and clicks but sales qualified leads and customers. We accomplish this for you by precision targeting and proven conversion optimization tactics. Whether you are trying to create demand or capture it, our team of experts can help you execute paid search (PPC), display, retargeting, content amplification, social ads or a combination of these. We will find the right audience for your business, communicate your value proposition and captivate them to take the desired action to ensure you receive the optimal Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most popular vehicles for getting fast results in online marketing. While it seems like a quick cure-all for a lack of online visibility and presence, it is a highly competitive sphere that you cannot just throw money at. With OneIMS, we will take your investment into PPC and turn it into a money-making venture to deliver you maximum ROI. Our collective expertise will implement the right strategy for your business, find the hidden revenue opportunities you may have missed. We’ll also help you to discover the keywords that people use to find your business and see if there are any other untapped markets that you could explore.

PPC Management is more than just adjusting budgets and controlling bids. It requires constant monitoring of campaign performance, regular review of search query reports, conversion optimization, A/B testing, ad quality to name a few. At OneIMS, our Google Adwords Certified professionals will perform the regular campaign optimization to ensure your marketing investment yields optimal result.

What OneIMS’ Paid Media Management Includes

Our experienced Paid Media Management experts will collaborate with your team and deliver:

  • SMART campaign goals based on your budget and competitive landscape SMART campaign goals based on your budget and competitive landscape
  • Comprehensive keyword research Comprehensive keyword research
  • Competitive analysis Competitive analysis
  • Strategic planning and campaign execution Strategic planning and campaign execution
  • Ad creation, management and optimization Ad creation, management and optimization
  • ROI measurement and campaign progress reporting ROI measurement and campaign progress reporting
  • Ongoing competitor campaign monitoring Ongoing competitor campaign monitoring
  • Retargeting and display ads management Retargeting and display ads management
  • Regular campaign monitoring and optimization Regular campaign monitoring and optimization
  • Frequent ad creative refresh Frequent ad creative refresh
  • Conversion tracking and optimization Conversion tracking and optimization
  • Strategy, recommendation and campaign analysis Strategy, recommendation and campaign analysis
  • 24/7 Access to reporting and monitoring dashboard 24/7 Access to reporting and monitoring dashboard

Our Approach and Systematic Process

We employ our systematic process and proven methodology to help you achieve your paid media marketing objectives.

Our 5 Step Process

Competitive Intelligence

Campaign Development

Campaign Monitoring

Conversion Optimization

Testing & Analysis

  • We have partnered with OneIMS for the last 10 years to not only build and manage our website but also to support our SEO and inbound marketing initiatives. They do great work in addition to being easy to work with and always bring new ideas to the table. I would recommend them to everyone looking to improve their web presence and demand generation efforts.

    Greg Henry, CEO - DecisionPoint Systems, Inc.
  • We have been working with OneIMS for many years now, and I can honestly say the output and quality of work has been top notch. They have helped us enormously with our overall online presence, and provided some innovative solutions regarding our SEO, lead generation and nurture programs. They introduced us to HubSpot & I can honestly say they are an extension of our Marketing Department.

    Rob Helmke, Marketing Director - Plastic Ingenuity
  • OneIMS have had a big impact on helping us grow our business. They are on top of technology and marketing in digital media. Their ideas and marketing campaigns have truly made an impact on our business growth.

    Lisa Saul, Direct of Marketing - Amcraft Manufacturing
  • OneIMS has been instrumental in growing our market share. With their help we have truly become an industry leader in our space. Their online marketing strategies have tremendously helped us expand our brand reach. Their marketing programs are ROI driven and we have seen measurable impact on our top line goals.

    David Schmetterer, President - Crawford Laboratories
  • Our inbound marketing efforts and the resulting traffic and leads have been on a steep incline since we started working with OneIMS team. We have been extremely satisfied with the campaign progress and continue to invest more dollars into our ongoing online initiatives.

    Sophia Daukus, Director of Marketing - Florock
  • We decided to partner with OneIMS after careful consideration. They understood our vision and our business goals and helped us reach our target audience of architects and construction companies through a strong web strategy. They have helped us accomplish our objectives by developing and deploying our corporate website and marketing efforts through Google Adwords and other online marketing campaigns.

    Moshe Konstantin, CEO - CPI Daylighting
  • OneIMS has been a tremendous asset to the development of my firm’s web marketing strategy. They were involved in all of the creative and functional aspects of our website design and they continue to provide support for any ongoing marketing and promotions. I sincerely appreciate all the efforts they have made on our behalf and I plan to continue working with them.

    Charlie Jones, Sr. Marketing Manager - Netcom
  • Team at OneIMS is highly organized, efficient and attentive to our marketing needs. I have worked with them for several years now. They have been a tremendous asset to our company’s success. With us having a lot of last minute campaigns, they ensure the highest quality work regardless of time constrains.

    Erin Hodges, Director of Marketing - DecisionPoint Systems
  • The people at OneIMS are energetic, thoughtful, and always willing to give that extra little bit that makes them stand out from the rest.

    Rachel Souter, Director of Marketing - Apex-Ware
  • After years of good work from team at OneIMS, it is difficult to not consider both Samuel and Co-owner Solomon Thimothy my personal friends. I've used OneIMS for web development, SEO, and advice on how to best penetrate the online social media opportunity. Samuel and team have helped my business in many ways become more marketable. I anticipate using their services for years to come.

    Brian Berg, President & CEO - BB Direct

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