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The Warmer Approach to Cold-Calling

Solomon Thimothy - May 5, 2009

warmer approach to cold calling

Telemarketers have, over the years, replaced the un-invited door-to-door salesmen. Back in the day, a door in the face was enough to tell any salesperson that the average household had no desire to entertain or be entertained by a stranger who shows up at the door, let alone a stranger with something to sell. Nowadays, that door is replaced by the “clicks” of hundreds of phones that are hung up, and almost automatic responses of, “We’re not interested” (Click). Maybe you’ve been on the initiating and receiving ends of those phone calls, either way, it isn’t fun.

So how does one ease the pain of cold-calling and increase the effectiveness of a few minutes of someone’s time? It’s simple, warm up your cold-calling with a more personal approach; start contacting businesses and individuals that you know. I’m not saying that cold-calling and door-to-door sales hasn’t proven to be effective, but you will have a higher rate of success, and definitely more minutes of someone’s time, if you approach people you know. Does that mean you should aggressively go after family and friends? Not really. What it means is that you should think about businesses that you personally deal with on a day to day basis. For example, are you selling insurance? Or some type of software? Is this something that your barber or your dry cleaner or even your favorite restaurant could benefit from? These are the potential customers that you start with. To begin your conversation by saying that you’re a frequent customer at the establishment, or you’re a local who has been using the specific services for years, this kind of relationship is not only going to keep the door from closing on your face, but you just made a solid connection with a possible client. Our lives are full of interactions such as those above. The college you attended, the dealership you bought your car from, the video store you go to, the restaurants you always eat at, the stores you shop at, the cell phone provider you use, the place where you first worked. The list goes on and on. Utilize this approach in your sales strategy, and see the difference that it makes.

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