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LinkedIn Advertising Services

With almost half a billion active users, this social media platform is not only viable for penetrating a B2B market, but for brand building as well.

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LinkedIn Advertising

Are you having problems with establishing an ongoing B2B marketing strategy able to generate long-term results? Maybe it’s because you didn’t focus your marketing efforts in the right place right from the start.

LinkedIn is the world’s most popular social media platform for businesses. With almost half a billion active users, this social media platform is not only viable for penetrating a B2B market, but for brand building as well.

There are many professionals on LinkedIn with the authority to buy different products and services for their business. They use the platform every day and spend a considerable amount of time there, so you can use the power of LinkedIn advertising services to reach them.

You can grow your business contact list and increase sales by grabbing the attention of professionals hunting for business partnership opportunities and reaching out to CEO and HR’s in the relevant niches.

LinkedIn advertising is predominantly used by :

  • Companies that have to offer great B2B services and products.
  • Companies that are looking to hire top talent.
  • Educational organizations that want to use LinkedIn education targeting to promote their master and PhD degree programs.

What is LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising is a self-service solution offered by the LinkedIn platform. This service is available for everyone on the platform and it is designed to make and launch targeted LinkedIn advertising campaigns in only a few minutes.

While very easy to use, the LinkedIn advertising platform comes with features to help the users take full control over the paid campaign. The Campaign Manager is there to help you set the desired campaign budget, choose impressions or clicks to control your LinkedIn advertising costs, and start or stop your ads whenever you want.

There are several types of LinkedIn advertising. The platform supports Text Ads, Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Content, allowing diversification of paid advertising options to achieve better results.

LinkedIn Advertising Services

LinkedIn advertising services are designed to boost your B2B marketing efforts by strategically generating qualified leads. However, since it’s slowly growing into a personal network, LinkedIn marketing services can also be used to boost your B2C marketing efforts as well.

By showing up in social feeds of established businesses and professionals, your ads will help you increase your brands visibility and strengthen it. LinkedIn advertising services are designed to help you get the most out of the LinkedIn paid advertising.

To deliver such results, we will sit down with you so that you can explain your business goals and your LinkedIn advertising goals. This information will help us to set up your LinkedIn ad account and develop a custom-tailored LinkedIn advertising campaign.

Once the strategy is executed, we won’t leave anything to chance. We will continuously monitor and refine your strategy to achieve the best possible results. Meanwhile, you can focus on your core business operations, while we send you regular reports to keep you in the loop and involved in the campaign as much as your time allows you.

Choosing a LinkedIn Advertising Firm

Ever since businesses recognized paid media as a viable way to boost online visibility and generate new leads and customers, many companies presenting themselves as “LinkedIn Advertising experts” flooded the paid media landscape.

This is why you should be careful when picking a firm for such a delicate task. At this time the attractive sales pitch should be put aside, and your focus should be on the firm’s portfolio and social proof.

Here, at OneIMS, we continuously strive to deliver the best LinkedIn Advertising Services on the market. Over the years we have learned how important a paid media strategy is and how to integrate it into the overall online marketing strategy to deliver the best results to our clients.

Experience is the Key to a Successful LinkedIn Advertising Campaign

Paid LinkedIn Advertising can help you and your business get the visibility you need in a very short time. But to achieve this, you will need to use the services only experienced professionals can deliver. This is exactly where OneIMS comes in.

Our team consist of experts specialized in LinkedIn marketing. We are capable of devising a custom-tailored LinkedIn marketing strategy to support your business goals and help you reach the right people with right message and at the right time.

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