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Steve Richard | Choose Sales Techniques Based on Your Demand Type

Sales 2.0, cold outreach, sequencing, social selling… We hear a whole bunch of sales tips every day, but which of them should we actually use? What’s going to work best for our respective organizations? Today’s guest for Coffee with Closers is convinced that it depends on what you sell and who you sell it to.

Meet Steve Richard, a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and sales consultant. Steve’s story is a perfect example of how failure breeds success. He went from being the only person in his class that couldn’t get a job after graduation, yet ended up as co-founder and CEO of a couple of super successful businesses.

During our conversation, Steve shares some of the lessons he learned while building a high-performing company.

  • Why is leadership alignment important for every business and how to get it?
  • What’s the difference between the sales process and sales methodology?
  • How to build a high performing sales team in a much smaller organization?
  • How to make sure your sales team stays productive?

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