4 Email Marketing Tips to Fuel Your Online Business
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Regardless of the newest gadget or social media platform, email marketing continues to reign as one of the most important marketing tools. For both small and large businesses, email marketing allows brands to place content directly in front of customers via their inboxes. Many B2B brands experience longer sales funnels than their B2C counterparts. Because B2B companies must spend more time nurturing leads, effective email marketing techniques become essential to success.

Email Personalization

Effective email communication is not exempt from the need to personalize interaction. Depending on your email marketing capabilities, adding a personal touch to emails by including an audience member’s name captures attention and makes engagement more interesting. As a result, B2B companies experience higher click-through and interaction rates.

Compelling Subject Lines

In email marketing, the subject line acts as the primary “attention grabber.” If a subject line is too wordy, too promotional or simply not relevant, email open rates can fall through the floor.

According to Marketo, email subject lines are the most tested aspect of email marketing. In general, subject lines between 70-100 characters receive the best response. However, it’s important to measure the effectiveness of your brand’s subject lines before deciding upon a standard specific to your audience.

Include Relevant Content

The addition of helpful, relevant content to your email messages gives the reader something to look forward to that adds value to their professional life. Does your B2B brand have something to say about increasing sales, improving operational processes or being a better leader? Chances are email subscribers want to hear about it.

Mobile Responsive

As the number of mobile devices begins to outpace the global population, more people are turning to their smartphone or tablet to use social media, research businesses and check email.

When attempting to nurture leads through email marketing, mobile responsive emails will receive higher open, engagement and click-through rates. Unfortunately, email not optimized for mobile may be destined for the trash.

The Future of Email

As brands continue to compete for attention from their audience, your business will need to stay one step ahead to see desired results from an email marketing campaign. Incorporating these four elements can fuel your brand’s ability to guide leads down the sales funnel, culminating in an overall effective internet marketing campaign.

Written By Samuel Thimothy

As the Chief Growth Officer, I provide leadership, direction and resource stewardship to the organization’s sales and marketing function. I also collaborate with our digital marketing strategy team in developing and executing growth marketing campaigns for our loyal clients.

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