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Local Listings

Your local listings need to be consistent and accurate across the web to ensure optimal efficiency. OneIMS helps you claim control of your local listings and update them as needed, maintaining their relevance and optimization, and we’ll also run continuous checks to make sure that your business is appearing correctly.

Local SEO

Combining several organic search strategies, we work to manage location-specific keywords to ensure that people find local businesses like yours. No matter where you’re targeting, it’s important that traffic funneled to your site is traffic you want, and at OneIMS, we help make sure that it’s easier for people to find you.

Paid Media

Pay-Per-Click ads don’t have to be complicated, but unless you’re targeting yours for the right keywords, you are leaving money on the table. Our team will do valuable research to ensure the keywords you’re using for PPC ads are the most profitable options.


Studies show that 98 percent of any website’s traffic leaves without converting. When you implement retargeting ads, you get an opportunity to bring back those valuable leads and close a deal. Once a visitor leaves your site, they are tagged with a cookie, which leads to an ad for your site displayed on another site that they visit later.

Display Ads

Create a dynamic showcase for your brand all over the internet. We’ll ensure that your display and banner ads are targeted toward your desired audiences, based on the sites they visit as well as other data. Display ads create brand awareness that engages consumers and generates interest in your services and product.

With social media being as popular as ever, social ads can be a very lucrative venture for your business. OneIMS focuses on consistent, highly targeted, flexible strategies to get your business noticed on some of the biggest social networks out there, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Organic Search

Your site’s content is the biggest influence on how it ranks, so it’s essential to make sure the content is well optimized according to the latest search engine algorithms. Regularly updated valuable content ensures that your site is continuously crawled, which can help boost its ranking.

Search engine robots read your site looking for technical specifications that are written into the site, and we work on ensuring that everything is in place where it’s needed most. Things like an XML sitemap, ensuring you have a quickly-loading website, metadata, schema, alt-tags, and more are all part of our technical SEO services.

It’s not just the content on your site that search engines are ranking, but the links that lead to your site as well. We develop quality content for external sites, including guest blogs, press releases, infographics, and more, to lead people to your site through outside sources.

Social media success means more than just creating a profile for your brand or business. Here, we manage all aspects of your social media, from creating strategies to connect you to your audiences, optimizing your profiles across various platforms, and building customized strategies and posts that foster brand loyalty.

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