Brand Guideline

Welcome to the OneIMS Brand Guideline. Please feel free to use this page as a resource for any OneIMS branded material. Our hope is that these assets and standards will help guide you along the creation of any and all communication pieces.

Video Branding

Use the Guide below to align with our video branding standards. Download assets

OneIMS Logo

Technical Standards

Aspect Ratio

Recommended aspect ratio = 16:9

Video Format

Preferred file types to upload to YouTube: MPEG (.mp4)


High Definition (HD) video at either 1920x1080 or (4k) 4096 x 2160

OneIMS Logo

Lower Thirds

The lower third should be included on the subject’s first speaking appearance. Exceptions include:

If the first scene of the interviewee is less than 2 seconds, wait until the next, longer clip to introduce the subject, in order to give the viewer enough time to read and process the name and title.

If the first scene is a close-up, wait to place the lower third on a medium or wide shot. If there are only close-up shots of the interview.

A floating lower third may also be used when placed over a solid backdrop with proper contrast between the text and the background.

OneIMS Logo


4K OneIMS Globe
X 3873.8W: 234.390%
Y:1866.2H : 241.1
1080 OneIMS Globe
Position:X 2031.1Y:1200.7
SizeW: 108.7H : 119.2
Opacity: 90%
OneIMS Logo

Intro & Outro

Logo position

OneIMS Logo should only be used in the middle of the frame

Music Guidelines
  • Music should be around 20dB lower than speaking volume during speech.
  • When there is nobody speaking, music should be limited to -2dB.
  • All music must be royalty free
  • Background music should always be instrumental.