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Why do my competitors rank higher than me on Google? Even if your business in Colorado Springs has existed for a very long time, it can be quite disheartening to see another young company getting the limelight on the search engine results page (SERP). To get stronger online exposure, you must seek the expertise of a full-service search engine optimization (SEO) company like OneIMS. A strong Colorado Springs SEO campaign is necessary to outrank the competition. We can help by making your business website more relevant and prominent online so that both humans and search engines would love to have the same site on top of the results.

Our team of highly skilled internet marketers can help your hard-to-find website gets online recognition and will apply time-tested strategies to get it in front of as many people as possible. We understand that you are too busy running your business to investigate the evolving paradigm of search engine marketing and its nuances. We will start working on optimizing your website after paying attention to the questions your users are asking online and while concentrating on the right keywords they are using on the search engines to find similar businesses.

To help you understand the value of our SEO services in Colorado Springs, we have compiled a few brief passages highlighting some of them.

Website Design and Development

Your business needs to have a website of its own before we can start optimizing it. Now, if you already have a website for the business, then everything is fine and good at our end. We will audit this existing website and maybe even redesign it so that the site is up to today’s standards. Web design is a term that denotes several activities. It includes the graphic design, website interface design, content design and development, and user experience design. The look and the feel of the website tell your prospects many details about your business.

Minute details can make or break your website when we consider the conversion rates. For instance, did you know that details like the layout of the website or the type of fonts used within a business site can make people love or hate it? The website visitors must love to spend time going through the site. We pay attention to the layout and the way with which the visitors interact with the site. The design of the website interface must align with the business or marketing goals. Even the content plays an integral role and we will consider it shortly.

Google wants you to offer the best user experience to all the visitors. This, in turn, implies that your website should work in a way that does not frustrate the visitors. They should it extremely easy to navigate through the site and find whatever information they came for. We build business sites on a standardized platform like WordPress and optimize the same sites so that it is friendly to the humans and the search engine algorithms. Website design and development process can, in fact, serve as the blueprint for your success in the online world.

Your business website needs to be in good technical shape. This means that the website should feature clean design, code and metadata elements designed to entice the online users and make them come to see what you have to offer to improve their quality of life. Google today pays attention to responsive mobile websites that will render correctly regardless of the type or size of the display device. Since we have worked with several other business owners throughout the years, we know the site design that will work out for your business.

Moreover, we concentrate on the industry standard buying and conversion patterns to give your business with a website after carefully studying your company from the perspective of the owner and the customer.

Starting with Keyword Research Aka the Foundation Of SEO in Colorado Springs

To optimize a website or a single web page, it is important to have a clear understanding of the search terms people are using to find similar products or services. Keyword research is this process of finding all those search terms the prospects are using or might use in the future. This process is the foundation of SEO according to several experts. If one does not know what search terms they need to rank for, then the SEO campaign will only fail with the passage of time. Thankfully, we have access to tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to find these search terms.

While preparing a list of search terms or keywords that we can successfully use to optimize your site for better rankings, we pay attention to the search volume, the current competition and the likelihood of the conversions taking place. In short, this process is a balancing act better left to the experienced professionals. Once we have a list of keywords, it is time to add them to the site. The search terms must be present naturally within the content and it is better to use them in the title tags and meta descriptions too.

To help Google analyze and understand the images present throughout your site, we will use these keywords in the image alt text. Certain types of keywords are useful for creating blog posts. These are long-tailed keywords because using them within the blogs will help to get the attention of people who are looking forward to making an immediate purchase. Keyword research can help us to find all the search terms that have the highest search volume. At the same it, this process offers us a deep insight into the language used by all your target customers.

If you do not have the time to create content for these blogs, our experienced team of copywriters could help with the process.

Colorado Springs SEO Content Development

Content development and management play an integral role in the success of the SEO campaign. Website content can be of any type – ranging from articles to images like infographics and even videos. Traditionally, content used to be only text-based articles. You might still come across them in first and second-generation websites. Did you know that depending on your industry niche, not every type of content will be suitable for your business site? The popular search engines like Google and Bing often look for websites that have high-quality content. To increase the search engine friendliness of your site, we will also focus on content that does well by generating more leads and sales.

Finding people who can develop high-quality content for your website can be a daunting task. For instance, simply cramming up all the keywords that one can find using Google Keyword Planner in the text-based content without any consideration for the quality will only help to lower the search ranking of a website. SEO content writing requires experienced content writers who can do their fair share of research work and even conduct interviews before writing the articles. The goal of these writers must be to give all your customers (both existing and prospective) the information they need to come to a purchasing decision.

Our writers do not take any shortcuts when creating content for your business site and its blog. Likewise, our well written, useful, and interesting content will help to get the attention to all the customers organically. Good quality content will also play an important role in laying the foundation for a successful link building campaign. To make sure that the content created for your website tallies with the tone, voice, and professional style of the business, we will send them to your team for review and approval. Your intention must be to get content that converts more people while aligning with your commercial goals.

Social Media Management

If you are looking to promote your business in different social media networks, please get in touch with our team at the earliest. Our social media marketers can help with the process of showing your fabulous content to the rest of the world. A couple of centuries back, people used to shout from the rooftops to promote businesses. Today, the same thing is happening, but via social media. These networks will allow you to promote your brand and engage with all your followers by having meaningful conversations with them. If you want people to hear your brand message, it is easy when you have access to the right social media strategy in place.

The social media strategies put forward by OneIMS will adapt to your business goals. We will also bear in mind the expectations set by your target audience while crafting these techniques. A campaign-based approach is necessary to keep focus and to vary the content consumed by your audience. As an intelligent business owner, you might be interested in learning what is working and why it is working now. Our in-depth reporting services will allow you to get a glimpse into our activities. Such reports come from our knowledgeable social media strategists at regular intervals.

Local SEO in Colorado Springs

If you are struggling to get calls or leads for your business, then local SEO can help. We have a proven record of accomplishments in delivering more customers to various businesses in Colorado Springs using our techniques. Local SEO is all about optimizing that process of telling the search engines what your business does and where it is located. When search engines understand your business and the target area it serves, the algorithms will list your website details on top of the local search results. We pay attention when it comes to optimizing the schema markup and ensuring the consistency of the name, address, and phone number (NAP) details of your business online.

Many people open their favorite mapping programs and nearby businesses. This, in turn, implies that your business details must show up in these mapping programs. We will help with claiming your Google My Business account and optimizing it with carefully chosen keywords. Our team will also fix incomplete online listings while encouraging reviews from your customers. Standardizing the NAP details is yet another task handled by our local SEO consultants. An excellent way to improve the local search ranking of your business is via localized content marketing.

We will make sure that the content present on your business site undergoes optimization in such a way that it helps in getting the attention of the local customers. Our copywriters will develop curated, creative, and informative content that will make the target audience coming back for more. Our link building strategies will endorse your business area and industry to the search engines. Reputed industry citations and targeted outreach by our specialists all will bolster the online visibility of your business for the many years to come.

Achieving Your Sales ROI Goals with Our PPC Management Services

Pay per click (PPC) or paid search advertising can generate immediate sales and targeted leads for your company. Let our AdWords certified specialists work to create and execute successful PPC campaigns. If you have previously had bad experiences while doing PPC, then rest assured. Our strategies deliver the intended results because we create them after a great deal of research and analysis of your business and its target customers. Done properly, such campaigns will help in driving all the right kind of customers to your doorstep.

Selecting the proper keywords that can produce the intended results is a task suited for the veterans over at OneIMS. To make the PPC advertisements thrive, we need to

  • Select the right keywords
  • Choose them without having to spend too much of your budget
  • Study the competition and look at their PPC strategies

To increase the effectiveness of the PPC campaign, we need to investigate the performance of the landing pages. When someone clicks on the ad, they must reach the landing page with a great call-to-action (CTA). Pages with great CTA will give them the best opportunity to convert to long-term customers.  Our PPC consultants can write engaging ads for the success of the campaign. Enticing the user to click the ads is just the first step; we focus on encouraging them to do business with you. PPC is somewhat different from the conventional SEO practices.

We cannot have a set it and forget it approach while operating the campaign. It is safer to keep on optimizing the campaigns to take it to a whole new level. And because we watch the campaigns regularly, it enables us to offer better ROI for our clients. Further optimization is possible by applying A/B split testing. This process helps us to keep track of the ad performance. User trends can also keep on changing after a couple of months. The PPC campaign must undergo slight changes so that it reacts to the changes in the user trends. Additionally, we offer PPC performance reporting to all the clients.

These reports will help you to analyze the spending patterns and the rate at which the conversions are taking place. With all the relevant data at your fingertips, it is easy to focus on the other important aspects of running a fulltime business.

Contact Our SEO Company in Colorado Springs

OneIMS is a leading digital marketing agency in Colorado Springs that can help your business get more web traffic and generate ample sales and leads for the many years to come. After understanding your business and its target audience, we can develop a suitable strategy that will meet with your specific needs – all of this will happen regardless of the size of the business or the industry it deals with. We have developed various strategies to improve the search engine rankings of any website. Our team will take care of everything ranging from on-page optimization, quality content generation to authoritative link building practices.

Search engine optimization holds an important place in any online marketing plan. All it takes to improve the search engine visibility of a website is to apply a well-rounded strategy. SEO is an organic process that takes time to produce visible and measurable results. Perhaps this could explain why Google warns business owners to stay away from SEO consultants who offer guarantees. This is plain because Google keeps on changing their search algorithm now and then. Strategies that produced results earlier might not work a couple of months from now.

OneIMS will give all our clients with the highest levels of internet marketing services and results. We understand that it is not possible to put forth any guarantees; however, the techniques we apply deliver the intended results to all the clients. Moreover, to offer the best available services to our patrons, we take care not to outsource any of the digital marketing activities. Since you are paying for expert services, we will make sure that only deserving specialists are overlooking your marketing campaign. To learn more about our services and to do a comprehensive website audit for finding SEO deficiencies, please get in touch with our strategists today. Start growing your website traffic, online leads, and sales today.

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