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No business grows without educating themselves on the current industry trends. At OneIMS we're dedicated to being THE educational force within the sales and marketing industry. Our newest video series, Coffee with Closers, strives to do just that.

Coffee with Closers is an educational short video series. Our goal is to educate viewers about practical & useful insights & trends within a multitude of industries relating to the emergence of the internet. How has the internet and social media transformed the way your industry performs sales and marketing? Do you think your industry has grown from the integration of the internet into day-to-day sales and marketing? In the future, what do you expect from the partnership of your industry and the internet?

Coffee with Closers is a conversational video series in which we interview industry experts on how their sales and marketing has been impacted by the explosive growth and integration of the internet. If you’re interested in being our next interviewee, we want to hear every nugget of knowledge you have to offer. Tell us all about your successes and failures. Tell us how you’ve uniquely used the internet in your company’s sales and marketing strategy.

We’re here to learn as much as our audience.

Help us bring your knowledge to the masses. Contact us today to be the next feature on the breakthrough video series, Coffee with Closers.

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