PPC Help: Why Aren’t My Landing Pages Working?
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Running a pay-per-click campaign that gets page views but not conversions is a quick way to hemorrhage money from your marketing budget, but what do you do to fix the problem? If you invest in PPC help so that your landing pages convert more visitors, a professional will probably identify at least one of three problems.

Take a look for yourself, and see what changes you can make to your landing page so that more visitors want to convert.

Value Proposition

First things first: what are you offering, exactly? Your value proposition—the thing you’re offering in exchange for a conversion—should be something that helps your visitor. A download, an instant quote, a subscription to a newsletter. If you can’t offer anything immediately, give a definitive timeline before the conversion takes place.

For example, don’t make an offer like, “A representative will contact you.” This is too poorly-defined to be compelling. Instead, try something like, “A representative will email you with a quote within 60 minutes.”

It offers a definitive timeline and lets the visitor know what type of communication to expect—and that certainty can go a long way in compelling conversions.

Graphic Design

The graphic design and layout of your landing page can also turn users off. Everyone has their own personal tastes, and you can’t trust your own when creating a landing page.

Instead, consult with a graphic design and marketing professionals with experience in conversion optimization. Certain colors may subliminally compel your visitors to take action by inducing feelings of comfort or urgency, for example, while the images you choose can guide them along the page.

By implementing graphic design cues that subtly encourage conversions, you can make your landing page significantly more valuable.


Word choice plays a major role in PPC help efforts, and even small changes can make big differences. You don’t necessarily have to rewrite the entire landing page from start to finish—even changing the wording only for your call-to-action, for example, can make conversions skyrocket.

Experiment with small changes before making drastic ones.

These aren’t the only changes that you can make to help your PPC, but they’re a start—and any one of them can lead to the improvements you need to make your PPC more profitable.

Written By Solomon Thimothy

Solomon Thimothy is co-founder of OneIMS. He began his career in marketing over ten years ago with a focus on helping businesses grow their online presence and thrive in a digital world. Follow him on twitter at https://twitter.com/sthimothy

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