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Welcome to another episode of Growth Marketers Podcast! We’re receiving a lot of marketing questions every day, and in today’s episode, we’re taking them from our listeners! We can’t wait to answer as many as we can.

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#1 Are keywords still important for SEO?

It’s a common belief that keywords aren’t important anymore. Is that so? Do keywords still matter when it comes to your website? Let’s figure out.

#2 Which marketing metrics are the most important to track?

What metrics should I measure with my marketing campaigns? It comes down to the tactics and overall strategy. Let’s explore this further.

#3 What can you do in a short term to build a strong pipeline if you’re on a limited budget?

Unfortunately, there’s some threshold there depending on your industry, so it may be better to save your money or use them elsewhere. We’ll try to break it down.

#4 What channel is best for a company that is just getting started?

A very common question among the new businesses is how to choose a marketing channel. There’s a lot of things you can do with a small budget. Tune in to the podcast for some ideas.

#5 What should my first hire be in my marketing department?

Some marketers are strategists but they don’t have the execution skills. Others are doers but they don’t have the big picture thinking capabilities. Can you find someone who will do both? We’re also talking about it in the podcast.

We hope our answers are helpful! Thanks for submitting those questions, keep sending them in. We’ll be happy to give our perspective on the marketing topics that interest you. See you in 2022!

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