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Today on the Growth Marketers podcast, we are talking about the marketing technology landscape. As marketers, we’re used to measuring everything, from impressions to clicks to conversions. But did you ever wonder whether you have too much technology? Today, we dive into our obsession as marketers with tracking, attribution, and other technology and explaining why it is actually hurting us.

Because of this idea that everything in digital marketing is so visible and trackable, it’s very easy to allow your technology to drive your marketing strategy, not the other way round. But if you let that happen, you’re going to limit yourself to whatever the capabilities of that software you currently have.

Heavy reliance on available tools makes us throw out some of our fundamental values of marketing, including everything we’ve learned about what it means to be a marketer and what the actual role of marketing is. At the end of the day, having too much technology hinders our ability to market properly.

What we talk about today is what we believe in as marketers and what we’ve seen be effective. And a lot of it has to do with forgetting that doing too much tracking and too much attribution can also be a problem.

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