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North Carolina is a state that has welcomed many new businesses over the last few years. The economy is strong, and residents have taken the opportunity to make their dream of owning a business a reality.

The first step in running a successful business in North Carolina is to exhaust all efforts in marketing in the local community. This means ensuring the business has advertisements in printed materials, it participates in local events, and of course, word of mouth is the best marketing you can have for your business – the cheapest as well.

Once all local efforts have been used, it’s time to take your business to the next level using Internet marketing services. This is advertising your business online.

Millions of people are online every single day. They are searching for services and products they want and need. Businesses who have succeeded online are the first to be shown to those people. In turn, these people end up buying from them.

You need to be online to show Internet users what you have to sell. If you’re not, you lose out on a huge audience that could end up being your loyal customers.

At our North Carolina SEO agency, we provide all of the services you need to maximize your business’ exposure online. We work with all size businesses with all budgets.

The following is a sampling of the services we offer our business clients, so you can see the value we could have to you and growing your business.

Website Setup, Design and Development

If you don’t have a website, that’s the first thing we need to do for you. We will take care of everything, such as getting the domain name and hosting it on our server. This way we can take care of any technical issues that may come up.

Once we have the domain, we start working on the design of your website. For this part of our work, we will work with you closely to understand your vision for your website. If you’re not sure how you want it to look, we have many samples to show you, so you can simply pick which one you love the most. This sample will then be customized with your branding, logo, and personal color choices. All of the websites we create are unique, so you never have to worry that it will be exactly like someone else’s website.

After we’re done with the website design, we move on to the development of the website. This is when we start to put the site together with pages. We will create a page for each of your services. If you have products to sell online, we will set up a ecommerce section on your site where your products can be uploaded to, and managed. Development can take some times depending on how much you need to put on your website. We provide estimates on the time it will take to finish the development of your site, so you know when to expect your site to be complete.

The design and development of your site is done with SEO in mind. Google has specific recommendations when it comes to having a website that will be favored by its users. This means that we must ensure the entire site is fast, has simple navigation, functions, is visually appealing, and provides users a good experience.

As we go through the process of creating your website, we will check in with you at every milestone to ensure we are in line with what you are imagining for your site. We know that a website is a representation of your business, and we want to represent it well.

For our new clients who already have a business, we don’t have to start from scratch. We analyze the current site to see what can be improved upon. Sometimes, the structure of the site must be tightened up, so it can run faster. If the design is outdated, we may recommend a redesign. This doesn’t mean it needs to be developed again – it simply just needs a makeover.

All of this is covered in your consultation with our North Carolina SEO company. The website is the first thing we look at because it is your online property. Just think of it as your virtual storefront.

Optimizing the Site

With a fresh website, we can start to optimize it according to your consumers. Everyone who uses the Internet is looking for something. They are either looking for a service, product, or a combination of those. We spend time getting to know your services, products and consumers. This way we know what who your target audience is, and can reach out to them by providing them content.

We use keyword research strategies to find out what your target audience is typing into Google’s search bar. Through our research, we find the exact phrases people are putting into the search bar, so we can use them in your content on your site. For example, if you’re a dentist in North Carolina, and we find that people in your local area are typing in “dentist in Raleigh” we will create content around this phrase to help it rank in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

For each keyword phrase that is based on a product or service, we will create a page for your website. If you already have a page for it, we simply optimize what is already there. Keywords people use change over time, so we always check to see if there are any new phrases to ensure the pages get ranked for what most people are typing into the search bar.

We use the keyword phrases throughout the content along with similar words in it. For example, if the keyword phrase is “dentist in Raleigh” we use that keyword phrase, but we also use “Raleigh dentist” and “dental office in Raleigh.” By using similar words, we strengthen the primary keyword phrase of “dentist in Raleigh.” Research shows that using similar words in content can greatly help with ranking of the primary keyword phrase.

Once we have optimized all of the pages on the website, we move on to creating blog posts. These blog posts are also written surrounding keyword phrases that we have found through our research. We use long-tailed keywords for blog posts. These are phrases such as, “What are dental implants?”

For local businesses, we always insert the city or town into the content we write. This ensures that we not only get our content to show to people who want to know what dental implants are, for example, but to the people who are searching for it in the local area of the dentist. This increases the chances that the person will end up calling that dentist. This is part of local SEO, which is another service we provide.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a service that we provide our local business owners in North Carolina. It’s similar to search engine optimization for our businesses that target the nation or world, but with a few additions to ensure they are visibility to their local area.

Google My Business is a service provided by Google. It’s a search engine all in itself for people who are looking for services and products wherever they are. You are probably familiar with this search engine if you’ve ever tried to find a particular restaurant when you’re out of town. Typing in “Italian restaurant” while visiting Boston will give you results for every Italian restaurant in the Boston area. Our goal is to have your products and services show up first for people who search for what you offer your local consumers. Google My Business helps you do that.

If you don’t have Google My Business set up, we will do that for you. We make sure that all of the information that is included in your profile is accurate and matches your website. We will then look to see what Google My Business has for your hours of operation, and any other information that could make your profile as complete as possible. The more we put in your profile, the more likely it will be shown to searchers.

Once we have the Google My Business ready, we move on to citations. Citations are listings in business directories online. We start out by adding your business to every local directory possible. We do this manually to ensure that all of the information is correct. Once we have completed all of the local directories, we move on to the national ones. Even if you only offer your services and products to local consumers, we still enter your listings in the bigger directories because Google likes to see that you have a big presence online.

Google uses citations as a ranking factor. The more directories you are in, the more Google sees you as a business that is prominent online to search Internet users. This is why we make citations a priority for our local business owners. We continuously add your businesses to directories every month, so that as we move forward with your search engine optimization campaign, we see you growing.

Content Creation and Marketing

We have a team of highly skilled writers who write the content for our clients. They do the research and interviews as needed to understand your industry. The content we create is high quality, and it’s what Internet users and Google love. It’s how we help our clients rank so well on SERPs.

We will add content to your blog regularly. Google loves that you have regular, high quality content to serve your consumers. They look for this as they are ranking websites.

Once we have published content on your site, we will then market it to other websites or on social media. This takes your content to other places to reach audiences you wouldn’t normally reach through your website.

We also write content for other websites, as they ask for it. This is a great way to get backlinks to your site because the content that we write is highly authoritative, which can position you as a thought leader in your industry. At the end of the content, we put a link to your website.

Google loves it when it sees that sites have a lot of backlinks. It means that they are popular among their online community for their industry. They want to show what others find useful to their users because they want to make their users happy.

We create an editorial calendar for our clients that outlines all of the work we do for them as far as content goes, so that our clients can follow us every step of the way. If any of our clients want to review the content before we publish it, that is no problem at all. We understand that the content we publish on your website is a representation of you and your business and you want to make sure you approve of it.

Getting Started with Our North Carolina SEO Company

If you’re ready to get noticed in North Carolina by claiming your space online, contact us today. Serving areas such as Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham, our North Carolina SEO agency can help you get your website maximum exposure on the Internet, so you can increase your revenue.

We start with a consultation with all of our new clients. This is when we thoroughly review their website to see what needs to be changed. Once we know what we need to do, we move on to the search engine optimization. Once we have the site well optimized, we work on any local factors that are needed for the site if the business serves a local area. We then move on to content to ensure the site has everything needed to give users the services and products they seek online.

We believe in excellent customer service and transparency. Allow us to work for you to take your website and business to the next level of success.

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Schedule a Consult

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