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If you are searching for a better way to highlight your Maine business to as many people as possible, it is important to seek the services offered by an internet marketing agency like OneIMS. We can help by leading your business in the right direction, especially when it comes to navigating through the confusing details of search engine marketing. We specialize in Maine search engine optimization (SEO) and our expertise can help your business to get increased visibility online with improved web traffic and conversions. Merely putting up a business website online and waiting for people to show up is foolhardy.

You need to take the necessary steps to let Google and other search engines know that your website offers much value to the web searchers. Optimizing the website using different strategies allows it to appear on top of the search engine results page (SERP). This is the most appropriate time for your website to come out of the abyss of the internet. With our services, you will find more people visiting your website and opting in for your products or services. With this article, we intended to highlight the focal points and advantages that are in store for your company by signing up for our services.

Attracting Attention and Generating Sales Leads with Our Website Design and Development

Your business needs to have a dedicated website of its own. It is not possible to get by –especially during these trialing times –without a decent website. If you wish to market your products or services, your business must opt-in for our website design and development services. The website we design and develop will, in turn, serve as your address on the internet. Now, if you already have a website and still face difficulties to attract the attention of the web searchers, do not worry. In all probabilities, someone may not have updated this website for a very long time. And that is a major problem.

Our website redesigning services will help your business get that old site updated to today’s web standards. Certain major changes have already taken place in the internet marketing industry. Several aspects that marketers considered unimportant now occupy the most pivotal places in this domain. For instance, a couple of years ago, people hardly cared about having a website that was compatible with mobile devices. Today, if your business website is not responding and does not render properly on mobile devices, you stand to lose customers. Google also takes note of mobile-friendly websites while attributing a better ranking to them.

Likewise, the speed at which a website loaded up completely was unimportant sometime back. However, Google pays attention to the average time taken by your business site to load up. Ideally, it should load up swiftly regardless of desktop or mobile platforms. Having a responsive website is literally the first step you need to take to become successful on the internet. Our team will design and develop websites that will offer the best user experiences to the web searchers.

Using Content Development Services to Communicate with Prospects and Customers

Soon after designing the website, the next step is to develop content for it. Content development, especially copywriting services can help you to communicate in an effective fashion to the prospects and the existing customers. Good quality content will also assist in improving the organic search visibility of your business site. Business owners often tend to underestimate the lead generating power of properly optimized content. Our professional writers are happy to take on any type of copywriting/content development projects that your business might need.

Copywriting might appear like an easy task, especially for the inexperienced. However, considerable research work happens in the background before our copywriters create dozens of curated contents for your site. They will even conduct interviews to produce a well-written web page copy for the website. If your website has multiple web pages, then informative content must be present in all these pages. Multiple web pages are necessary if your business offers diverse kinds of products or services. Every business website needs to have a dedicated blog of its own.

The blog is essential to publish articles that our copywriters create using long-tailed keywords and phrases. Your blog will turn out to be the one-stop destination for dispersing useful information to the prospects and the customers. People are more inclined to put their trust in your business when they realize that you are there to educate or solve their problems with these articles. This trust factor, in turn, ends up affecting the page rank of your site. We need specific keywords to create content and we will be explaining keyword research in the following section.

How Keyword Research and Analysis Services as The Foundation of Our SEO Services?

It is necessary to find and use targeted keywords so that your website ends up gaining visibility in the major search engines like Bing and Google. This process of finding targeted keywords and phrases that ultimately drive sales, leads, and revenue to your business is otherwise known as keyword research. We need to know all the keywords and terms that prospects and customers are currently using to locate your business online. Google’s Keyword Planner is an excellent tool to kickstart the process of keyword research. We will also use social media to find out keyword suggestions.

Once we have the keywords, it is important to use them in a strategic manner throughout the content present on your website and its blog. We use selected keywords in the title tags and meta descriptions. As mentioned earlier, we will also use a certain type of keyword known as a long-tail keyword in the blog posts and articles. While applying the keywords, we take care never to overuse them. Overusing the keywords can lead to penalties from Google. If we have a set of keywords, our copywriters can create content using them and a few variations of these terms.

We take pride in following the guidelines and standards issued by Google while trying to get your website ranked for certain high turnover keywords.

Link Building Services to Deliver the Maximum Results

Google does not entertain the prospects of SEO professionals abusing link building practices. OneIMS believes in gathering a strong network of backlinks for your website the right way. The search engine company also places an enormous amount of emphasis on the quality of the backlinks. Ideally, the backlinks must originate from authoritative websites. We reach out to the other sites and ask them about guest posting. Since we are showing up with topnotch content, website owners are only happy to allow us to guest post on their sites.

Building more backlinks allows your website to appear as an authority in the niche while offering useful information to all those who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

Growing Your Business with Relevant Social Media Marketing Services

Optimizing your website is just one half of the equation. Today, we need to pay ample attention to social media too. If your business does not have any accounts in the popular social media websites like Facebook or LinkedIn, we can help create them. Social media popularity directly relates to SERP rankings –throughout the years we have seen this taking place for several of our clients. With our services, your business will be able to reap the benefits within a short time. Our team of social media experts will work while representing your business in these networks.

When it comes to social media, there are only two aspects we focus on. They are social media management services and social media advertising services. Managing social media accounts is a fulltime task better left to OneIMS. As a busy business owner, you might never get the time to manage your social media accounts. There are a lot of things that can take place throughout the day and people often expect immediate replies to their comments. Our team will post high-quality content regularly in all the social media accounts.

We will also monitor the daily activity and engagement levels. The underlying idea is to keep on increasing the number of followers so that your business ends up being popular in these networks via referrals and word of mouth. Our social media advertising services are measurable and you can accelerate the growth of your business many times. This form of advertising is all about finding people who are interested in your products or services and targeting them with ads at the right time. Social media advertising also enables us to attract relevant followers, i.e. people who matter at the end of the day.

Quality content once again makes its appearance when we talk about advertising or managing your social media accounts. People love to have a great time on these networks and we should try to engage them with more entertaining content and fewer promotions. Too many promotional updates will only help in alienating the existing followers. We will also engage in retargeting the ads to increase/optimize the conversion rates.

Reducing the Cost Per Lead (CPL) With Our Pay Per Click Marketing Services

Managing pay per click campaigns requires the application of precise strategic skills. One must also be very meticulous when it comes to implementing these campaigns. Our experienced PPC managers have been working with several clients and have been delivering optimal results every time. These Google AdWords and Analytics certified professionals can review every aspect of a PPC campaign –ranging from keyword research to A/B testing (also known as split testing). When we work on these campaigns, we will monitor it closely so that we can implement changes to optimize it continually.

Long gone are those days when you had to spend thousands of dollars on PPC campaigns only to get no to mediocre results. If you are wondering why the current PPC strategies are not working out as intended for your company, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Did you know that such campaigns are the fastest options available to increase the amount of web traffic flowing to your site? It is very much possible to generate more leads with custom-tailored PPC campaigns than the conventional organic SEO practices.

Navigating Through the Complicated Aspects of Local SEO With OneIMS

Local SEO strategies are essential for every business owner in Maine. These concepts are bluntly different from the normal organic SEO mechanisms. As a thumb rule, we will start local SEO for your business by creating a Google My Business (GMB) account. After claiming your business, we will work on optimizing the profile with carefully selected keywords. These keywords will help your business to rank better in the local search results. Likewise, we will also make sure that the information (like the name, address, and phone number details of your business) is accurate in the GMB listing.

Inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the NAP details can, in fact, lower the search engine ranking of your business. At the end of the day, we focus exclusively on everything that will produce dial-moving results for your website. OneIMS will also encourage the existing customers to leave their reviews and consider building more citations for your business. A good way to get top positions in the search results is to have a high-quality on-site blog with content optimized using the relevant keywords including the name of the state/city/locality.

Google needs to know where your business is located. And it does not know this information unless you tell it to the search engines. One way to tell Google your business location is to add the name of the city or the state to the title tags and the on-site content. Yes, this is one of the simplest of the details often overlooked by several business owners. Failing to execute these techniques will only lead to search engines ignoring your website by not listing it in the local SERP. However, following the above-mentioned local SEO strategies will produce positive effects on the organic visibility of your website.

Media Creation and Development

Staying ahead of the competition is turning out to be a necessity during these tumultuous times and one of the best methods to do it is to attract the prospects and customers by offering something they desire. Implementing the aspects that attract the customers such as images, videos, and even mobile apps can generate quite a lot of attention for your business. Becoming better than the competition is all about offering lots of content options like interesting videos and informative infographics. Videos that are different will enable your business to carve out a niche for itself in the industry!

For instance, people get to see the images when they load up your website. Most of them see these images before they read the content present on the web page. Naturally, high-quality images can help your website to get as much attention as possible. All the images included in the website will have your business logo integrated into it. We do not confine high-quality images just within your site. Due to the quality of these images and infographics, they can easily show up in social media –paving the way for more sales leads.

This allows the brand awareness to increase substantially. We can also create ‘share-worthy’ content in the form of videos. People would love to forward and share our videos with their loved ones. Lastly, we can build mobile apps for your business. Apps can also serve as a source of secondary income for you. When created, managed, and marketed properly, media play an integral role in expanding your business grow with exponential returns!

Contact Our Maine SEO Agency Today

As a leading Maine SEO company, OneIMS has been helping several small and medium-sized companies improve their online lead generation process with the help of our search engine marketing techniques. Over the years, we have managed to develop a proven process for delivering better ROI to many Maine-based companies that market regionally and nationally. We start with a preliminary consultation session aimed at understanding your business and the marketing goals/objectives that you might have in your mind. Then we focus on building a suitable marketing strategy that can best address your objectives.

This strategy will be custom-built exclusively for your business. Once we have defined the objectives, milestones, and timelines, it is better to move towards executing the strategy. You will have access to an account manager who will overlook the entire workflow. The nature of your industry is inconsequential to our team because they have many years of experience working with challenging and complicated marketing projects. We often keep our clients in the loop by offering them monthly reports. They can easily go through and understand these reports –even if they lack technical knowledge of the paradigm.

Finally, we will work on improving the effectiveness of your campaign by conducting several tests. We do all this so that you will end up getting the best ROI for your investment while working with us. Talk with our strategist today!

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