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Traffic from some of the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo all play an important role in increasing your Indianapolis business. If your target audience can find your business information on top of the search results, then it is easy to dominate the industry while leaving the competition behind. OneIMS is a digital marketing agency that can help you take your business to the next level by implementing a successful SEO campaign. SEO stands for search engine optimization –a unique process that includes several activities like website design/development, keyword research, social media management, link building and even pay per click internet advertising.

The thing about SEO campaigns is somewhat enigmatic –they are supposed to be a marathon, not a sprint. Our search engine marketing campaigns allow some of the major search engines to consistently highlight your business details on the top; paving the way for more paying customers to your business. When 97% of the people use the internet to find information about local products and services, it is important to pay attention to the search engine ranking of your business site. This site should show up for important keyword searches; else you are losing your valuable customers to the competitors!

The intention of this brief article is to highlight some of the SEO-oriented services available from our end.

Website Design and Development

The services offered by a reliable website design and development company like OneIMS will help you create a good first impression in the minds of your target consumers. Having an out of date website will only spell more trouble for your business with the passage of time. Contrary to what the others may claim, getting that first impression is very important. It simply tells your customers that you are serious about doing your business and have set up an excellent website to provide them with immediate insight into your products or services. While having a professional look, websites designed by our team of specialists will be easy to use and offer information in an organized manner.

This website should also perform well at all the times with minimal downtime. If you do not have a business site of your own, we can create one from the scratch. Else, if you already own a business website, our team can audit it and find its SEO deficiencies. We can modernize the design of the site while updating the code and the elements so that the new website will align properly with our SEO campaign. You no longer must do the research and choose the options that will best fit your business–let us do all the hard work when it comes to designing the website.

If you do not have a website, it is never too late to get into the game. Our team will lay out some ideas that will help you to get some ideas about how your business website must look and function. We integrate SEO-friendly elements directly into our websites. Google has certain criteria that it expects every website to have. For instance, your business site must load fast and must render properly –regardless of the device people might use to view it. The site should have a good architecture and make sense to the end users. The internal linking structure must be robust so that the search engine bots can glean through the contents of the different web pages easily and effortlessly.

If you wish to have custom functionalities integrated into this website, our development team can help. For instance, if you are looking forward to selling products or service i.e. have a complete e-commerce solution included within the site, do not worry as our team can come up with solutions designed to lead your potential customers to take a measured decision.

SEO Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword research and analysis is an important aspect of any SEO campaign. If one does not know the proper keywords to target for, how can they begin to plan for the campaign? In simpler terms, keywords research is the process of finding out all the relevant search terms people use online to locate information about your products or services. We focus on the search volume and the competitiveness of keywords while shortlisting them to get your website ranked for the search engine results page (SERP).

Why is keyword research important?

It is important because it literally serves us as a guideline when it comes to designing your business website and for developing the content that must be present throughout the same site. It is possible to classify keywords into three categories and they are (1) the head (2) the body and (3) the long-tail keywords. Many online marketing companies make the classic mistake of trying to get the websites ranked for the head keywords. On the other hand, we look at a combination of head and long-tail keywords to optimize your business website for the search engines.

Using the proper set of keywords can either get more traffic to your site or optimize the rate at which the conversions are taking place. Once again, we score more than the competing SEO agencies because we pick keywords based on their probabilities to convert casual browsers to long-term customers. Frankly optimizing for traffic or conversions is entirely dependent upon your end goals. For e-commerce websites, conversions are important. But if you have a physical storefront or if you simply wish to advertise your business, then we select the keywords exclusively to gain more traffic.

We make use of Google’s Keyword Planner Tool and certain other proprietary utilities to judge the value of the keyword. For instance, long-tail keywords have low search volumes but come with better conversion rates. There exists a delicate balance in between the monthly search volumes and the competition levels. At the same time, we pay attention to the demographic data, the intention of the consumers and your competitors while shortlisting the keywords to optimize your website with.

Competitive Analysis

Having a good understanding of your competition is important in every aspect of business–especially for online marketing purposes. The underlying intention of all our SEO campaigns is to study your existing competitors and then find out the different techniques using which we can help your business surpass all these opponents. Our competitive analysis and research services come with their own share of advantages. They (1) will enable you to learn more about the standing of your business in your industry (2) will help us to reinvent the SEO campaign so that it performs optimally and (3) will make your business surge through the search results and emerge stronger than the competitors!

We apply a multifaceted approach to understand the current landscape. It is important for our team to find out what your competitors are up to or how they have managed to dominate you all these years. Auditing the competition also tells us what they did and what you have failed to do to get better search rankings. If we find inadequacies in their campaign strategies, we can put that information to good use to boost your popularity on the internet. At times, if they have a better content strategy that has enabled them to dominate the search results, we will help to discover all the content opportunities where your business will be able to outrank them seamlessly.

Because we have undertaken countless such projects, we have learned that competitive analysis allows us to get a deep insight into your core business and the target audience based on your industry.

Link Building Services in Indianapolis

Backlinks play an important role in improving the search engine visibility of your business website. This explains why we include link building along with the list of SEO services available from our end. When applied properly, our link building strategies will help to improve the flow of web-based traffic to your site. Backlinks happen to be among the best ways to get referral traffic. Before we move on to explain some of the strategies deployed from our end, we would like to mention that our link building specialists will always adhere to the guidelines issued by search engines. We do not participate in any link exchange programs or pay for backlinks.

Knowing the target audience is an important aspect of link building. Our intention is to keep your audience growing with the passage of time. Once we learn more about your business and the audience it caters to, we can find out the list of authoritative websites that could help to build your link portfolio. Our copywriters and editors do a good job when it comes to creating amazing content exclusively meant for link building applications. Well structured and nicely written, informative content will help your business site to become popular organically.

Our outreach specialists will manually acquire every link. Guest posting on other domains is one of the effective ways to get backlinks. When a post the content on the other websites, we include a link pointing back to your site. People will follow that link and end up at your site–quite often, these are the ideal customers that you might want to please with your products or services. Google pays attention to the relevancy of the links; i.e., the backlinks must originate only from domains that are related to your industry. The original content developed by our writers is also useful for building links via social media.

Successful link building strategies come with certain advantages. They can bring in inspired and enthusiastic consumers to your website. This eventually paves the way for higher ranking in Google.

Social Media Management

Social media is turning out to be an important part of our lives and with people preferring to spend a major part of their time browsing through these networks, companies are looking forward to improving their presence on these platforms. Our team has access to innovative and effective social media marketing/advertising strategies all aimed at rapidly growing your social media networks. And because we take care of everything ranging from daily post management to customer support, you now will have more time to focus on running a fulltime business.

If you have not yet created social media accounts for your business, we can help set them up. If you already have different social media channels running, then we can take over and manage these accounts. Our content developers are keen to come up with shareworthy content aimed to please your existing followers. Upon setting up a posting schedule, we deliver daily updates to all your social networking accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube happen to be some of the popular venues where your customers might be hanging out. Bearing this aspect in mind, we can craft advertisement campaigns on all these networks.

As your business grows, it can be difficult to leave messages and initiate friendly interactions with your fans or followers. We are only happy to do this on behalf of your company. If an issue pops up, our team will get in touch with you at the earliest. Building the excitement and increasing the size of your audience is easy with social media. For instance, we could set up promotions or exciting contests to get people talking about your products or services.

Content Creation Services in Indianapolis

In the rush to create a good SEO strategy, many forget the importance of SEO content development. The quality web content developed by our writers helps your business to appear as an industry leader because it requires a specific approach to the research process needed for producing good rankings in the search engines. Our intention will always be to cultivate the visibility of your business and to build a sustainable presence on the internet. As it turns out, creating good quality content is a difficult process. But your business will have the expertise of seasoned writers and experienced editors who will make use of our unique content development techniques to get the best results possible.

Content development without a specific strategy or aim is not going to help your business. By applying quality content optimized for the search engines on your website, you will be able to see an uptick in the online traffic, leads, and conversions. SEO content development includes the creation of videos, interesting infographics or even quizzes to keep the target audience engaged with your brand. We also pay attention to written editorial content because Google can easily crawl through text-based materials to understand and rank them appropriately. Your business goals might be extremely unique. Keeping this fact in mind, our team will craft multi-channel content creation packages for your company.

Along with developing content for your website, we can help with the creation of quality blog posts for the on-site blog. In all probabilities, you might need someone to craft the different landing pages that incorporate equally diverse call to actions. If you are looking for a team that can help with creating free guides or e-books, then our content marketing experts are here to provide you with the best available guidelines specifically applicable to your business.

Indianapolis Local SEO Services

Small or multi-location companies benefit greatly from our local SEO packages. These services help such companies to grow and attract more customers easily. When your local customers are looking for products and services, your business details should appear on top of the search results. To properly optimize your website for the local search results, we make use of a variety of strategies and we will investigate some of them. Localization of your business website is the first step. This implies, including the name of your city, county, or name of the region throughout the content of the website.

Similarly, building citations for your business could turn out to be useful. There are several sites that are exclusively meant for this purpose; we will ensure that your website information is present on these sites. Online business directories can also help to increase the number of citations for your business. The name, phone number, and address of your business must remain accurate, consistent and in the same format all over the web.

Google My Business (GMB) is a free business listing service available from the search engine. Claiming, verifying, and optimizing your GMB profile helps the search engine to display your business details on important google oriented services like Google Maps.

About Our SEO Agency

OneIMS is adept when it comes to testing out different marketing mechanisms to convert casual visitors into customers. All businesses require internet marketing to prosper during these tumultuous times. We must expect the number of people using the internet to find information about different products and services to surge with the passage of time. The clear majority of them browse for your offerings with the credit/debit cards with them i.e. they are willing to become immediate customers provided your company can solve their problem.

Our team of SEO professionals has helped several Indianapolis-based businesses rank highly in the SERPs. Since we track everything we do, it is easy for us to share the results and thus let you know how they are proceeding with the paradigm. Please keep us updated with your experiences.

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