Why You Need Digital PR & How It Can Benefit Your Business
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There are many different benefits that you’ll get for your business through digital PR.

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Digital PR is an Effective Online Marketing Strategy

Digital PR is an effective online marketing strategy that more and more businesses are using to both improve their online visibility and overall brand reputation.

As a Digital PR Agency, We Work With a Network of Reputable Bloggers

As a digital PR agency, we work with a network of reputable bloggers, influencers, and journalists to develop and publish high-quality articles, press releases, and other content for the purpose of building your reputation. Your content will appear in reputed trade journals, blogs, and magazines, boosting your website’s rankings in the process through high-quality backlinks and increasing the number of social media mentions.

With the right digital PR solution for your business, you can become a reputable industry authority while significantly improving visibility in search engines and on social media.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR entails establishing your business as an industry authority by publishing content to authoritative relevant websites and publications to spread your brand across numerous respected channels. With the help of our digital PR services, you can reach your target audience and generate more leads by featuring your company on websites that they frequently visit, in publications that they regularly read, and on social media pages that they follow.

If you own a local business, a solid digital PR strategy can even help you gain more publicity for your brick-and-mortar location in a publication that covers a local area. These can include websites for local newspapers, local blogs written by residents, customer reviews, and sponsorships of local charities or other events.

What Are the Benefits of Digital PR?

There are many different benefits that you’ll get for your business through digital PR. The best way to measure the success of your digital PR strategy is to set specific goals before launching your campaign. Some of the many benefits of digital PR may include:

Build a Reputation as an Industry Authority

One of the key benefits is that strong digital PR will help ensure that people only see your business in a positive light and as a knowledgeable authority in your industry. If your content appears in high-profile magazines, websites, and other channels in your industry known for endorsing quality, alongside positive unbiased reviews, people will be more likely to respect and trust your brand.

Appear in Trusted Publications and Trade Journals

A strong digital PR strategy will only target publications and industry journals that have an established audience worth reaching. You’ll be able to further build your brand and attract more ideal potential customers, as these audiences learn to trust your business based on your relationship with the knowledge hubs they already trust.

Get Brand Mentions

Through an effective digital PR strategy, you can also more effectively develop your brand and make it recognizable among your target audience beyond the content itself. People will associate your brand with quality and be more likely to mention you on social media and elsewhere if you’re behind helpful, informative content worth discussing and sharing.

Increase Quality Referral Traffic to Your Website

As more people read about your business and share your content using social media, the more visits you’ll get to your website in addition to those finding your business in search engines. You’ll also draw more people who are likely to find your product or service offerings to be the solutions they’re searching for.

Improved Rankings and SEO

The more high-quality sites you appear on and get links from, the better your website will perform in search engines when targeting specific keywords. Subsequently, the higher you rank, the more visitors you’ll attract.

Get More Qualified Leads

A solid digital PR strategy will also put your products and services right in front of your target audience. The more people see your business and become aware of your presence, the more marketing- and sales-qualified leads you’ll attract.

Sell More Products and Services

Ultimately, the end result you want from your digital PR is increased profit. With an effective digital PR strategy in place, you’ll see increased ROI as you reach a wider audience, build your reputation, attract more prospects, and increase sales. All of these benefits make digital PR a worthwhile venture to take advantage of as competition increases.

The Different Types of Digital PR Strategies We Offer

There are several different types of digital PR strategies you can use to increase your network of backlinks and improve your website’s SEO and reputation.

They include:

  • Working with journalists and editors to get content published on authoritative blogs and industry journals
  • Publishing press releases and sharing newsworthy updates or other content to gain features in the press
  • Reaching out to bloggers to build brand awareness and gain more mentions online
  • Getting articles published online to obtain top-quality backlinks
  • Social media influencer marketing to increase mentions on influential accounts via Instagram and other outlets
  • Offline blogger or press events that can help increase online visibility
  • Producing and publishing in-depth infographics or other research-based content

Work With the Digital PR Experts

If you want to get the most from a comprehensive digital PR campaign and improve your company’s visibility and reputation as an authority in your industry, you’ll benefit from hiring the experts here at OneIMS. We have experience developing and implementing effective digital PR strategies to help businesses in a wide range of industries. Regardless of your marketing objectives, we’ll help you with reliable services to get you mentioned in reputable sites to boost your rankings while establishing you as a trustworthy thought leader. Simply contact us today to get started. We can also provide you with many other digital marketing services to give your business what it needs to thrive.

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