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Tyler Lessard | Why is it important to stay authentic as a marketer and how can video help you out?

Here’s an insight from today’s guest for Coffee with Closers. Regardless of what we do as entrepreneurs, fundamentally, we’re all in the business of trust. We have to earn and maintain the trust of our customers as they are only going to spend money with us if they believe that we really want to help them.

Unfortunately, a lot of marketing and sales aren’t built on that mentality. It’s built on generating leads, converting people as fast as possible – all to increase ROI. And there’s nothing wrong with ROI, but if we step back and realize that first and foremost, we are in the business of trust and that our main job is to genuinely help people, this realization can shift our mindset.

Meet Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing at Vidyard, host of the Creating Connections show, best-selling author of The Visual Sale, and amateur video creator. He’s a frequent author and speaker on the art of creating remarkable experiences and using video for lead generation and deal acceleration.

The topics we’ll be discussing on this episode:

  • Why company culture plays a huge role when it comes to video production in marketing?
  • How has audience expectation from content changed and in what way?
  • How to start with video marketing in the B2B space?
  • How to earn trust from your prospects as a marketer?
  • How to change perspective from focusing on ROI to bringing value first?
  • How to get a buy-in from the leadership to do more experimenting?

Stay tuned for the conversation with Tyler where he shares the latest trends, hacks, and best practices for putting video to work in your business.


Find Tyler Lessard on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/tylerlessard/

Visit Vidyard at https://www.vidyard.com/

►Grab your copy of “The Visual Sales” at https://www.impactplus.com/the-visual-sale


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