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Sangram Vajre | How to Build a Strong and Successful Brand in B2B Space

If you are in love with your product, you will never be able to build a category. Categories are about problems, not about products. Today’s guest for Coffee with Closers is convinced that if you want to create one, you’ve got to fall in love with the problem, not the product.

Meet Sangram Vajre – a WSJ and USA Today best-selling author, keynote speaker, and co-founder of Terminus – an ABM platform for B2B marketers. Sangram is an expert in developing the go-to-market strategy and creating a category to dominate the marketplace.

Stay tuned for our conversation where Sangram shares practical advice for B2B markets on how to build a very strong and successful brand.

Coming up:

►What do marketers need to know about go-to-market strategy?
►Where to find the fine balance between acquiring customers, building brand awareness, and capturing the existing demand?
►How to get away from the trap of trying everything to immediate ROI?
►How to make sure your content is not created in vain and that it’s actually going to be consumed?

Enjoy the episode!

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