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Sam Beiler | Make Your Product Fit the Market, Not the Other Way Round

We know it’s important to listen to our customers. But are we really paying enough attention? Today’s guest for Coffee with Closers believes that getting in front of your customers and having real conversations can bring you immense value.

Meet Sam Beiler – the CEO of Boostpoint where he drives the mission to help our organizations build stronger brands by attracting better talent.

“As founders, we have all these assumptions about what the market needs, and we typically jump in and experiment with some of them,” says Sam. “But we’ve got to be willing to listen to how people respond and only then make decisions based on the actual data rather than our gut instinct.”

Stay tuned for our conversation with Sam where he shares practical advice for entrepreneurs and business leaders on marketing, sales, strategic decision making, teamwork, and customer success.

Coming up:

►Why is it important to listen to your customers, especially in the startup phase?
►How to go about making strategic decisions in your organization?
►What can you do as a founder to build a great team?
►Why is it important to constantly be learning new things?

Enjoy the episode!

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