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Mark Kilens | Leading with Content, Building a Community, and Growing a Brand

How many Hubspot Academy certifications did you take? Personally, I’ve been on that journey too many times to remember the actual numbers. It’s impressive how a company can build an amazing brand by putting out a tremendous amount of value for free (and getting top dollar in ROI in return).

My guest for today’s episode of Coffee with Closers is the man who actually created Hubspot Academy – from idea to execution. Meet Mark Kilens, the VP of Content and Community at Drift where he leads the content, creative, and events teams. Prior to joining Drift, he served as VP of Marketing and founder of HubSpot Academy.

“To build an enduring brand or a great community, you need to have values and principles,” says Mark. “You need to have the sense of ownership, belonging, accountability, and self-identification that you can use to identify with this larger group of people.”

Stay tuned for our conversation with Mark where he shares insights about brand building and breaks down the value of conversational marketing for a business.

Coming up:

►How to create demand for different product categories?
►Why is it important to have a people-centric approach if you want to build something great?
►What is conversational marketing and how to use it to create a better customer experience?
►What do marketers need to be focused on these days?
►Is the MQL dead and how to reinvent your website so it is more appealing to the customers?


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