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Joel Stevenson | How to Approach Sales in Today’s Business Environment

There’s still a place for prospecting in every business, but with the development of technology, it’s become harder and harder to get in front of our potential customers.

Today’s guest for Coffee with Closers says it’s going to be more important in the future to nurture the leads versus putting new leads in the funnel.

Why? That’s what we’re going to talk about in this episode.

Meet Joel Stevenson, the CEO of Yesware – software that helps professionals communicate efficiently and authentically by integrating a powerful set of tools right inside your email inbox. Before that, Joel was the GM and founder of Wayfair’’s B2B division, which he grew to several hundred million dollars.
Tune in to hear Joel’s practical advice for entrepreneurs and business leaders about sales enablement, prospecting, leadership, and more.
Coming up:

►How has the sales enablement sector evolved over the last decade?
►How have overall sales changed during the pandemic?
►Why is cold outreach not so effective now?
►What is it like to take over as CEO of an already existing business?
►How can automation help you run your business more efficiently?

Enjoy the episode!

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►Yesware at

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