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Frederick Vallaeys | How to Leverage Paid Media to Drive New Business

How do you approach PPC in your organization? Today’s guest for Coffee with Closers knows everything about it.

Meet Frederick Vallaeys, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, author, and leading influencer in PCC search marketing. As one of Google’s first 500 employees, Fred quickly established a reputation as a pioneer of PPC marketing as the company’s first AdWords evangelist.

Today, he is a co-founder and CEO of Optmyzr – a leading multi-award-winning PPC management software.

He distinguishes three key roles in PPC advertising – the PPC Doctor, the PPC Pilot, and the PPC Teacher.

To fully grasp these roles, it is important to understand the pilot’s role in the plane. They only fly it for about 11 minutes per flight on average. Most of the time, their job is to be there in case something goes wrong and to make sure the inputs in the autopilot are correct.

The same applies to PPC. You have to be there and control the process. When you find out it’s broken, you become a PPC Doctor. When you bring into the machine learning a deep understanding of what impacts your business, you become a PPC teacher.

Coming up:

►What does it mean to be a product evangelist?
►How has the PPC industry changed over the last 15 years?
►Where can you leverage the power of AI and where will human input be necessary?
►Is there a minimum budget for a PPC campaign?
►How should marketers prepare to work without cookies?

Stay tuned for our conversation where Fred shares practical advice for marketers and senior leaders on how to use paid media effectively to drive new business.
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