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Dave MacLeod | How to Be an Effective Communicator and Create Great Company Culture

What makes a great leader? Today’s guest for Coffee with Closers says, great leaders are curious and their curiosity is also directed towards themselves. You can set a culture but your culture should be the challenger culture at all times. If you hire diverse great people, you have to listen to them and let them affect you.

Meet Dave MacLeod, the best-selling author of Scaling Conversations and a CEO and a co-founder of ThoughtExchange – an enterprise discussion management platform. Dave is an entrepreneur, a facilitator, an educator, and a communication expert.

In this interview, he shares practical insights on how leaders can help everyone in an organization access their full potential and ultimately scale communication.

Coming up:

• Why scaling should not be your top priority when starting a company?
• Why thinking small can be useful when building a business?
• Where entrepreneurs and business leaders are failing in the area of communication?
• How can leadership bias affect the quality of communication in an organization?
• What can you do to be a great leader and how to facilitate the process of sharing ideas in your team?

Tune in for the episode for more tips on being an effective leader and lessons on founding a great digital company.

►Dave MacLeod on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/dave-macleod-te/
►Visit ThoughtExchange at https://www.thoughtexchange.com/
►Grab your copy of Scaling Conversations at https://thoughtexchange.com/scaling-conversations/

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