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Dan Dal Degan | How to Become the Best Sales Rep. Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

The most successful and effective salespeople are the ones who recognize that the customer has a process. They also know for a fact that the sales process is less important than the buying process. But how do you actually understand the buyer?

Today’s guest will teach you all about it. Meet Dan Dal Degan – a role model for every aspiring salesperson, a CEO and advisor of numerous businesses, a husband and a father of five, and, as he puts it, “a disciple of the early days of Salesforce” who had been there from the early days behind the cloud before it even was called a “cloud”. Dan’s inspiring journey from the salesperson to a CEO is something you’ll definitely enjoy.

• What technology has to do with sales and how you should treat it;
• What’s the importance of emotional connection with a buyer and how to establish it;
• Why the silence is every seller’s friend;
• Why customers don’t really want to hear about the product and what they’d rather talk about instead.

This, and many other tips for building effective teams and boosting sales in this episode!

►Find Dan Dal Degan on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/tripledeee/

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