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Brian Bar | The Best Salespeople Aren’t Born, They Are Trained

You don’t have to be an outgoing extroverted person to become successful in sales. It’s not about the personality but about a set of skills everyone can master. And today’s guest for Coffee with Closers is THE person to teach you.

Meet Brian Bar – the founder and CEO of Victory Lap, a leading sales education company. He’s also a guest lecturer at Northwestern Kellogg School of Management on the topic of B2B sales.

Victory Lap Sales Bootcamp has graduated over a thousand students into sales roles at over 600 companies like G2 and Salesforce.

Stay tuned for our conversation where Brian shares practical ideas on sales development and leadership.

Coming up:

►How to help people build confidence and competence in their job role.
►How to narrow down the priorities as a CEO and get things done.
►How the SDR/ AE model is going to evolve and how to implement it in your organization.
►How to hire the right salespeople and set them up for success.
►How to tell whether someone has sales leadership potential.

Enjoy the episode!

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►Visit Victory Lap at

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