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As an SEO agency in Charlotte, we specialize in all services related to Internet marketing for businesses. No matter if your business targets consumers locally or internationally, we can help you maximize your exposure online with our team of experts.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to work on your online marketing when you already have so much to do with running your business. This is why we have set up our business to take over everything that has to do with promoting your services and products on the Internet.

Our team consists of professional web designers, developers, search engine optimization specialists, content writer, social media marketers, PPC managers, and many more individuals that help us do what we do every day for our clients.

Have you ever wondered why your competitors are ranking higher than you on the search engine results pages (SERPs) for Google. It’s likely we know, and we can help you beat them, so you get to consumers first. That’s what gets us moving – the craving to beat whatever business is in your way to achieving success.

SEO Services for Charlotte Business Owners

The following services are just a sample of all of the ones we have available for our clients. We would love to have a consultation with you to review your website, and then tell you more about the services that can help you get ahead. Please contact us today for more information on this, but in the meantime, let us tell you about how we start working on our clients’ online visibility.

Website Review

The first step to success online is to know where a client is in terms of visibility online. We do this with a website review. This review will include looking at every single page of the website, and then looking at the way the website was created. This is important because if there are any errors or coding that makes the site lag, Google and users won’t like the site much, which can affect your rankings on the SERPs.

Any concerns we find are recorded, so that we can review them together. We will have a plan in place to correct those concerns and then we will move on to the next stage.

Website Design

A website should be updated yearly. A lot changes in a year in the world of SEO and Internet marketing, and usually, that has to do with the design of a website. We will look at what you currently have and see how we can change it to get it up to speed with what people are looking for in a site these days.

An example of this is site mobility. Google and users expect sites to mobile friendly nowadays, especially since we are moving to users mostly using their mobile devices to search for services and products. We make sure your site is visible on mobile devices and functions correctly.

This is just an example of what we do when we look at your website design, and determine what needs to be corrected. As we do our website review, you will likely see some website design tasks that must be completed before we can move on to another factor in your SEO.

Website Development

Even if you have a website already, website development is a constant need. There will be times when you want to add something to your website that isn’t there yet, and there will be times when you want to change something. Our developers are on call to help you do whatever you want to your site.

As we start to work together, we can discuss what changes you would like to see on your site in terms of functionality. As we get a list together, the developers will start to work on it, and then we will report to you when the changes have been implemented. This way you can review it and see if it’s something you’re interested in changing anything about it.

Search Engine Optimization

When the site is complete with design and development, we can move on to optimization. We start with keyword research. This means looking up all of the keyword phrases that your consumers are using in the search engine bar.

We take these keyword phrases and use them in the content on your site. We also put them in your title tags and meta descriptions for each of your pages. This is what Google uses to display your website on the SERPs.

Google is intelligent, but we help them know who to show your website to by using these keyword phrases. We don’t use them too many times, and we try to add in as many related words as possible as we are putting your content together. This is what gives you a better chance of ranking highly on the SERPs.

We also work with schema markup. Google knows using snippets of information in their search results. Your website could end up on the results pages if we implement schema markup on your site. We do this with special coding that our developer can take care of.

Content Development

The content on your site is the most important thing to the success of your website. It’s important that you have fresh, regular content added to your site, or Google will forget about your site, and you will lose rankings.

The other benefit of content is that every piece that is published gets indexed by Google, and that means that you get a spot on the SERPs. When you have a spot on the SERPs, you end up getting more traffic. The more content you have, the more traffic you will receive. It’s as simple as that.

Our team of professional content writers can help you fill your website full of content. They can write the articles by doing research and conducting interviews in your industry. They can write in the voice, style and tone that you prefer for your business, and that is what can help you get your message out to your consumers.

As we work on adding a lot of content to your site, we will move on to filling the Internet full of your content. We reach out to websites to see if we can guest post on their sites. The more articles you have out on other sites, the more you look like an authority in the industry, and this is what will tell Google that it should rank your website highly. Google wants to show its users sites that are managed by authoritative people in the industry, and that is you!

We also work on content for social media. Social media is built on a different type of content – one that is informational and entertaining. We know exactly what makes social users react and work to provide that in a way that makes your business stand out from others.

Content is a big part of SEO and we’re proud to have writers who know what to do to put your website in a good position to get as much traffic as possible. Once we get that traffic to your website, we need to work on converting them into customers.

Conversion Optimization

Just because people come to your website, it doesn’t mean that they will make a purchase. We need to ensure that we show them that you are the best seller of the product or service you are offering. When we do that, they will convert.

What we do is first do a conversion analysis. We find out why people aren’t converting, so we can make changes to the site that will increase the likelihood that people will convert. We love the tools that we use for this because they often are successful in identifying some of the biggest factors in losing conversions.

We monitor conversions monthly on your site. As we see your conversion rate increase, we start to understand what makes your consumers decide to make a purchase. We use that information to make more changes to your website. This is what helps us increase your conversion rate even more. If we see your conversion rate decrease or it stays the same, we start to identify the reasons this is happening, such as people have a hard time finding the shopping cart, or the contact information. To resolve this matter, we simply make the shopping cart more accessible and we ensure that the contact information is easier to find.

We know that the entire reason you seek Internet marketing services from our SEO agency in Charlotte, NC is because you want to convert consumers into customers. This is why we believe this is one of our best services.

Social Media

Social media has a huge audience for you to market your services and products. The people who are on social media are looking for a good experience. They want to see funny, entertaining and informational posts. We do this for you. We publish posts that attract social users, so they learn more about your brand and what you have to offer.

Our social media marketers know how to represent your business in the best light possible. You want someone who will be highly responsive to consumers who have questions about your services and products and that’s what our marketers do. They will learn all about your services and products to be able to answer questions with great authority, just as you would answer them.

If you’re looking for a bigger gain from social networks, we recommend social media advertising. Ads on a social media has become a big deal, and it can help many businesses grow exponentially. Even businesses with small budgets can benefit from advertising because they can reach more people than they would organically, especially when starting out.

We are proud of the social media specialists we have on our team because they have been able to learn the secrets behind attracting people with social ads. They know how to target the right audience and get ads in front of that make them act.

Our social media marketers work many hours to ensure that you have the best exposure across the social networks your consumers visit every day. They make posts that are attractive to your audience. They interact with your consumers to ensure that your brand awareness reaches out farther than it would without any work from them.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is advertising on Google. We use Adwords to help get your website in front of the right people on Google. If you’re a dentist in Charlotte, we can use PPC to get your site to appear first on the search engine results pages with ads. We do this by targeting the right keywords and creating ads that really attract people’s attention.

You do not need a big budget for PPC campaigns. You can simply use a smaller budget for PPC until you make your ROI on that, and then add more money to the next campaign. As you profit from that, you can roll over more money for a bigger campaign. This is what we recommend to our clients because it’s the best way to start seeing how your money works for you in growing your business.

How to Get Started with Our Charlotte SEO Company

The first thing you need to do is contact us. We will then schedule a consultation with you. During this consultation, we will review your website and exposure online. When we know where you are with Internet marketing, we can see which services would best help you move forward. We create a 90 day plan for you to show you what we are going to do for you. Goals are set, so we can show you that our efforts do have a direction.

We understand that you want results when you hire a SEO company in Charlotte. Contact us today, so we can start showing what our experts can do for you.

Schedule a Consult

Schedule a Consult

In order to see if we are the right fit for your business, schedule a call with one of our strategists.

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