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Obviously, you’ve heard of bitcoin many times before. No matter where you work, “bitcoin” is a HUGE buzzword these days. Bet you didn’t know that this widely known cryptocurrency has more than 1000 competitors nowadays. These competitors range from popular coins such as Ethereum and Litecoin to the Fantasy Sports’ No Limit Coin (which is used for betting), and various other coins used for buying cannabis, for instance.

While some of these are the exact copy of bitcoin, there are countless others which are totally unique and innovative. Experts in this field are saying that we can expect the cryptocurrency industry to soon be worth more than a whopping 1 trillion USD.

There’s a good reason for this – people have quickly realized that they have an awesome opportunity to switch from banks to trusted individuals who will manage the money themselves. However, you might be thinking, these cryptocurrencies didn’t become so successful overnight. Their success is rather the result of clever branding.


So, if you’re working for a tech company that’s starting its own cryptocurrency and looking to get more buyers, branding for cryptocurrency is what you should be thinking about right now, especially early on.

There are now loads of cryptocurrency branding companies and various cryptocurrency brand designs to choose from, so if you want to make it in this alternative economy, keep on reading. We’ll back you up with some enlightening info on how to get the most out of your branding efforts.

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Why do people buy these coins, anyway?

When you think about the number of altcoins available today on the market altogether with their inventive names (take TrumpCoin, for example. Yeah, it’s a thing) you can’t help but wonder – who the hell even buys these things? Well, all kinds of people actually. 

Some buy cheap cute altcoins such as Bunnycoin for playing poker online, while the others buy them for some more serious reasons. These include:

  • Wealth management
  • Ethical business practices
  • Raising funds
  • Augmented Reality
  • Education
  • Traveling
  • Becoming more environmentally friendly
  • Fighting electoral frauds
  • Digital publishing
  • Low-cost money transfers
  • Startup investments

When you log onto some website or a platform, the company starts owning you – your persona and your usage data, and it practically invades your privacy. With altcoins, on the other hand, your personal data is completely safe, and you have nothing to fret about.

So, besides being electric, anonymous, and decentralized, it’s safe to say that people buy them because the uses which are pretty much endless and investing in these altcoins has turned out be a rather clever investment in many cases.

Why’s branding for cryptocurrency such a big deal?

In simple words, branding for cryptocurrency is so important because people no longer care about how much some altcoin is worth, but they are rather attracted to it by how it is branded and what it actually stands for.

So, if your tech company wants people to hear about your cryptocurrency and motivate them to purchase it, of course, the only guaranteed way to achieve that is by really putting 100% into your cryptocurrency branding efforts.

Any product needs some killer branding, and cryptocurrencies are no different, so it’s easy to understand why people are making such a fuss when it comes to cryptocurrency brand design. Let’s take the super popular Bitcoin as an example – it has its own cool distinctive logo and even its own brand colors.

So, if putting effort into coming up with this kind of cryptocurrency brand design has worked out for Bitcoin – why wouldn’t it work out for you as well? Being original is certainly a must and the fact that your coin needs to represent the identity of your company goes without saying but looking up to someone who’s already made is simply smart thinking.

As Joe Lubin, the co-founder of Ethereum puts it: “When we started Ethereum, it was a tabula rasa, a tiny space, and we didn’t feel the need to draw attention or some slice of the population away from Bitcoin or Litecoin. Now there’s a mad scramble to differentiate yourself in some way that caused the hoards to recognize you, to pay attention, to put some money in your direction” – all of which can be achieved through the use of cryptocurrency branding and by coming up with some awesome cryptocurrency brand design.

How the pros are making the use of cryptocurrency branding design

Back to Bitcoin, once again. We can safely say that it would have never become what it is today if there weren’t for some real mighty branding. Their look has changed from 2009 when they first started out to the present day. While their first logo was created using Paint Shop Pro 7, the current one is much more advanced.


Their world-famous striped B consists of a golden letter B and 2 vertical strokes which made it look like the traditional dollar sign in order to make people feel like they are using a real currency.

Another big name, Ethereum, an open source platform which created the Ether cryptocurrency, also put some effort into creating a memorable cryptocurrency brand design. These guys opted for a futuristic and minimalist look, blue and grey colors, as well as the angular shape for their logo which is now carved into our memory. 

On Riple’s website, we can see that they are also the fans of minimalism and blue colors and that they are following this whole grid trend, which is really hot in today’s cryptocurrency branding design.

When it comes to the Litecoin, you can see the inspiration from Bitcoin’s logo but, in their case, there’s only one line and it’s placed horizontally. Also, they decided to follow the hottest trend of making their logo and their website look futuristic and – you guessed it – they love the color blue, too.

On the other hand, there is IOTA, which is expected to become the next big player in the cryptocurrency industry. Their logo is eye-catching yet simple, and what attracts people the most is the animations featured on each section of their website.

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How can I make my logo look as insane as these famous ones?

Sure, you can spend your valuable time coming up with some innovative, state of the art logo, but we guess you have some better things to do, right?

Luckily, we’ve got a few tips for you…

There are some industry trends that you ought to be following if you want to keep up with your competition, which is way too severe these days. These include:

  • Futuristic look

Since cryptocurrencies are regarded as the currency of the future, naturally, your logo needs to have some futuristic look to it. Anything else is either plain, or it simply fails to portray just how modern your currency is. Neon designs, sharp lines, and edgy shapes are the hottest thing right now, so make sure that your logo and your website contains them.

  • Metallic textures

When we’re talking about futurism, we can’t help but think about metallic textures. They undeniably go along best with futuristic themes, and they also make us think about real metal coins, so what better way to inspire people to purchase your altcoins?

  • Simplicity

Flashy colors and flamboyant design simply won’t work in cryptocurrency branding design. You want to go for something which is going to say “we’re professional and we’re serious about what we do”, especially if you’re working for a tech company. That’s why minimalism is always the best thing to go for – simple design, sharp and clean lines, and some bold elements are guaranteed to capture your audience’s attention.

  • A blue color palette

Colors are quite a mighty branding tool, as they all have certain emotional connotations. Blue is a great choice since it is always associated with professionalism and trustworthiness. Some other cool colors to spice up your logo are neon and greyish shades.

  • Coins, circles, and globes

The final thing you mustn’t forget about are the shapes. Globes are a natural choice when you want to show people that your currency can be used anywhere around the globe. In addition, coins and circles help people associate your cryptocurrency with real money. 

As you can see, cryptocurrencies are the “it” thing in the modern-day world, and they’re here to stay. So, if your tech company has what it takes to make the whole altcoin thing work, contact the professionals at OneIMS to help you out with some boss design for successful branding and SEO.

Written By Samuel Thimothy

As the Chief Growth Officer, I provide leadership, direction and resource stewardship to the organization’s sales and marketing function. I also collaborate with our digital marketing strategy team in developing and executing growth marketing campaigns for our loyal clients.

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