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Solomon Thimothy - June 5, 2013

A strategy in motion

Video can help your site climb search engine rankings, retain visitors longer and increase conversions—but only if it’s properly optimized. We have the tools to create unique, SEO-friendly video content that makes you highly discoverable for search engines.


What Is Video SEO?

While entertaining and informative videos create an obvious benefit for your site’s visitors, when they are well-optimized, they also create a potentially major SEO benefit.

Search engines like Google don’t watch web videos like people do—they comb through the data and coding associated with them. Our SEO team works with Wistia to create video sitemaps for your videos, allowing Google to effectively index them and display them on search engine results pages.

When we optimize your videos for SEO, they rank higher in search results and give users a direct link to your company website—not just a YouTube channel.

Additional Video SEO Benefits

Video SEO with OneIMS and Wistia doesn’t just give you better search engine placement—you also benefit from a high level of control over your videos’ interactivity. These benefits include:

  • High definition picture on any device
  • Minimal buffering times
  • Embedded social buttons for sharing video content
  • Full integration with marketing automation platforms like Hubspot
  • Onsite video embedding

Optimized videos resonate more with viewers, fostering interactions like social engagement that organically grow your brand and increase your visibility online.

Insightful Analytics

Our partnership with Wistia gives you access to comprehensive viewer data, allowing you to measure and improve user engagement. You’ll benefit from access to information like:

  • When viewers stop watching your videos
  • Which parts they skip or rewatch
  • How many times a single viewer watches the same video
  • Where your viewers come from
  • Which videos convert the most viewers

With this information, you can understand the trends and viewing patters in your site’s visitors, creating new insight that can inform not only your marketing, but your actual business. You’ll see in measureable data who your viewers are, where they’re from and what engages them.

Talk to one of our SEO experts today about how video SEO with OneIMS and Wistia can improve your site’s performance with both search engines and visitors.

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