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Solomon Thimothy - June 5, 2013

Watch your campaign develop and your returns grow

Our PPC campaigns include regular reporting and analytics to accurately measure the success of your campaign. We collect and analyze intelligence on your ad performance and your leads, allowing us to continually improve ad strategy for maximum results and return on investment.

Comprehensive Performance Analysis

The PPC experts at OneIMS have the technology and the expertise not only to track your results, but to analyze and understand them. We monitor the performance of each specific ad based on cost, clicks and conversions.

By evaluating KPIs across your paid search campaign, we can identify the true value of every click. We track your visibility alongside your competitors’, ensuring that you maintain the level of exposure you need to get more clicks and conversions from a qualified audience of leads.

Short and Long-term Strategies

Based on your ongoing performance metrics, business priorities, competitor behavior and more, we determine the most beneficial adjustments that we can make to your campaign.

We analyze your past performance data and identify trends (within both your own business and your industry) to shape successful short-term and long-term campaign strategies. Our thorough reporting and expert insight ensure that your PPC campaign consistently reaches its full potential over time.


Ongoing Campaign Reports

Our PPC services include full access to regular campaign reports, illustrating how your budget is used and what returns it generates in clear, simple terms. With concrete and relatable data, we show you how your audience is responding to your paid search campaign and what impact it has on your online performance.

With these performance analytics, you can better understand the role and rewards of your online marketing. Talk to one of our paid search experts today to learn more about how we create measureable value through better PPC strategies.

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