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Solomon Thimothy - June 3, 2013

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Paid search campaigns can be highly effectiveβ€”and highly time-consuming, and highly complex. We have the expertise and the experience to monitor your campaign and make the ongoing strategic adjustments it needs to remain competitive and lucrative.


Keyword Strategy

Every PPC campaign starts with a carefully developed keyword list. These keywords are the building blocks of your strategy, helping determine the use of your budget and the value of your leads. We conduct thorough research into your business, your industry and your competition, analyzing the keywords that users choose most. By creating and choosing a cost-effective cross-section of keywords, we’re able to place your ads in front of the highest number of relevant leads for your budget.
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Creation & Implementation

After studying your competitors and your target audience, our paid search experts develop and implement a strategy for reaching out to the users most likely to engage with your ads.

Using this strategy, we develop strategic ad copy and launch your PPC campaign on the web’s top search engines, giving you immediate placement that can start generating clicks and ROI right away.
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Optimization & Testing

We start tracking and refining your paid search strategy on day one, carefully monitoring your clicks, budget and overall user engagement.

By regularly tracking and optimizing your campaign, we’re able to better focus on relevant, qualified users. Our ongoing management and testing ensures that your campaign continues to function efficiently and generate the best ROI for your budget.
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Reporting & Analytics

We prepare regular reports on the success of your campaign, demonstrating the value of your budget in measureable data.

Our PPC team’s reports include the analytics that inform your campaign’s ongoing strategy and reflect your ROI. This data illustrates the value of your paid search advertising and shows which strategies generate the best returns.
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If you don’t embrace mobile audiences, you’re not just missing opportunitiesβ€”you’re falling behind.

The mobile market is continually growing and shows no signs of slowing down. By creating ads tailored for mobile devices and placing them on mobile networks, we put your business right in your audience’s hands.
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free ppc audit

Do you know how your PPC is performing? Our team of experts will analyze your current campaign and tell you how you’re doing at no cost.

Whether you manage your own PPC campaign or work with another agency, we’ll review your strategy and tell you how it can improve. It’s a zero-risk, zero-obligation way to analyze your performance and understand your potential.
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