Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers

Solomon Thimothy - July 13, 2015

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You’ve been in business for a long time, but the the traditional methods you have used are just not enough anymore. Let us grow your customer base with marketing solutions that will help you get found, engage, nurture, and convert your target market.


An Integrated Approach

Most manufacturing companies provide products or solutions that are customized to the their target customer. In some cases, what you see is what you get. At OneIMS our approach to marketing is simple: We want to help you grow your business. The tools that we use are nothing without the strategy and cohesiveness behind it. Our integrated approach allows us to look at the bigger picture so that we can plan out the best solution or campaign to meet your business goals.
For your marketing to get real results, it is important to integrate all the elements necessary for a powerful campaign, from web design and optimized search marketing solutions to print collateral and traditional marketing, OneIMS has the experience and the team to remanufacture your marketing.

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is the idea of offering valuable resources and information to potential customers that will guide them along a decision making process. You never know how ready a lead is to buy, so nurturing those leads through a variety of campaigns even at an early stage will make a big difference. OneIMS’ team of inbound marketers will help you establish yourself as a thought leader and set your company apart from your competition.

Inbound Marketing

An Inbound Marketing campaign can help you:

  • Be a valuable source of information for prospective customer
  • Track and measure lead engagement
  • Generate leads through thought leadership
  • Nurture leads through the decision making process with relevant resources

Organic Search

The reality is your industry might be competitive and you are missing out on the opportunity to get in front of customers that need your product or service. If potential prospects can’t find you on the organic searches, they will most likely find your competitor. Increase your website’s ranking on search engines with comprehensive Search Engine Optimization services from OneIMS. Our strategic, disciplined, and integrity-based practices will ensure that your manufacturing company is not only ranking effectively, but generating leads.

Organic Search

An organic search campaign can help you:

  • Increase your natural ranking on major search engines
  • Augment online visibility for your products
  • Attract more visitors to your website
  • Enhance the power of your brand

Paid Search

Generate more traffic and a better quality of website visitors with intelligent Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. PPC allows for immediate visibility on the search engines, so that your target market could find your company. More visitors to your website or landing page means more potential customers that get to see why you are the best provider for the products or industrial services that they are looking for.

Paid Search

A paid search campaign can help you:

  • Attract more qualified visitors to your website
  • Increase online visibility of your practice
  • Build brand awareness
  • Reap benefits of geo-targeted ads

Display & Retargeting

Creative image ad placements on targeted sites provide a visual representation of your manufacturing company. These strategically designed ads give web users and first time website visitors an opportunity to engage or reengage with your products or services.

At OneIMS we understand the importance of reclaiming every visitor that expressed interest in your products or services as well as creating a brand awareness that puts you in front of the target market.

Display and Retargeting

A display and retargeting campaign can help you:

  • Benefit from relevant image
  • Reach a highly targeted audience of recent visitors
  • Re-capture lost sales and leads with compelling ads
  • Enjoy exposure on extensive content networks like Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and more

How it Works

Measurable. Efficient. Inbound Marketing.

Our services provide you with an easy, cost effective and fast way to increase your business online.

Building the Right Strategy for Your Business

At OneIMS, we use proven strategies that guide your business to a stronger, more sustainable online presence. With our customized marketing campaigns, you get the plan that works for you and your business, getting you exactly the local customers you’re looking for.

Building Right Strategy

At your first meeting, you and your dedicated account manager talk about your business and your goals. We’ll analyze your web presence and determine which strategies are best for better reaching your target audience, and together we’ll decide on a concrete plan of action.

Defining and Optimizing Your Web Presence

Our team of designers, developers and strategists go to work, building a cohesive and integrated marketing campaign from the ground up. This cross-channel strategy is the foundation of your successful local marketing campaign, helping you cast as wide a net as possible while still zeroing in on your local audience.

Defining and Optimizing your web presence

We carefully optimize every aspect of your campaign, utilizing only the latest research and technological developments that keep you visible and sustain your strength. This fortifies your strategies for consistent, long-lasting results.

Reporting and Refining

You never have to wonder about whether or not our strategies are working. We report our results to you on a regular basis, allowing us to refine our efforts according to your goals. Our account managers are motivated by results, not sales, and tailor your strategy to best suit your business’s changing needs

Looking for Performance Driven Marketing for Your Business?

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