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Solomon Thimothy - June 3, 2013

Get more traffic from local leads

Is your website attracting visitors from the right places? Whether you’re a local business or you’re just targeting a specific region, you need to know that the traffic funneled to your site is the traffic you want. Our local SEO service makes it easier for people in your neighborhood to find you, so you get more of the organic traffic that benefits you the most.


A Holistic Strategy

Local SEO is a combination of different organic search strategies, all modified to bring in more traffic from a specific audience. By using location-specific keywords, we can effectively target audiences in the areas that matter most, so the search terms they use to find local businesses lead them to you.

By combining a localized approach to content marketing with optimized local listings and ongoing citation audits, we give you better organic visibility with an audience in a specific location.

Local Reputation and Social Signals

Do you have profiles on local listings and review websites? Maintaining those pages is critical to targeting a local audience. User engagements on review sites and local listings like Google+ provide search engines with data that influences your ranking. We build and maintain your online reputation so local users can find your business more easily than ever.


improve your local presence

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