Lead Nurturing

Solomon Thimothy - June 3, 2013

shorten the sales cycle and stop your leads from slipping through the cracks

Most of your leads aren’t ready for a sales call—not yet. They need more time and more information, and if you don’t give them both, you can lose them. Lead nurturing is an automated process managed by an expert inbound marketing team, which gives your leads the consistent contact they need to navigate the sales funnel faster and become your customers.

What Is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is a system of organizing and engaging your leads on a one-to-one basis, giving them the individual attention they need until they’re ready to buy and telling you when to close the deal. Your sales team doesn’t have to spend its time and resources tracking down leads and contacting them one at a time, and more of your leads become customers—it’s a win-win solution.

  • Engage your leads with personalized content
  • Turn brand awareness into brand preference
  • Make the sales cycle shorter and more efficient
  • Direct more and more leads through the sales funnel
  • Save time and resources by automating the process

How Does it Work?

Automated lead nurturing programs alone don’t help you turn leads into customers. You need content like emails, newsletters, downloads, infographics, videos, landing pages and more to engage your leads.

Our inbound marketing team creates branded educational and promotional materials for your business, customized and distributed to your leads based on their behavior and demonstrated interests. This ensures that every engagement counts, providing your leads with information that speaks to their personal priorities and builds their trust and interest in your brand.

Fewer Lost Leads

Because lead nurturing maintains contact with potential customers as they navigate the sales funnel, you experience a lower rate of lost leads—and because we manage the entire process, your internal resources aren’t tied up in lead tracking.

Every time a lead engages with your business, whether opening an email or reading a blog post, it adds to their lead score—a quantifiable record of their interest in your brand. Automated lead scoring allows you to identify your hottest leads and their interests, so you can contact them when the time is right and focus on what matters most.

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