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Solomon Thimothy - August 6, 2013

Successful ecommerce doesn’t take size. It takes strategy.

At OneIMS, we have the tools and the methodology to make your ecommerce business a contender. From the inbound marketing that brings in customers to the nuts-and-bolts of operating your online store, we have everything you need to keep up on the web.


Our ecommerce business services include:


Craft an identity for your business that sets you apart from the competition and communicates your values.


Day-to-day business management tools that make inventory, shipping and more easier than ever.


More and more, consumers do their shopping from smartphones and tablets. We give your website and online store the mobile functionality that people look for.

Paid Search

A quick and easy way to show your online ads to consumers already looking for businesses like yours.


From account setup to ongoing management, our social media team keeps your social presence strong, building your audience across networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.


Our expansive ad network gives your brand visibility on the sites your prospects regularly visit. We handle everything in-house, from graphic design to ad placement that fits your business’s budget.


Ever wonder what happens to the users who leave your ecommerce store without making a purchase? With our retargeting service, you can show your ads specifically to those people, bringing lost prospects right back to your store.

Organic Search

We know how search engines work, including how they rank websites. We optimize your store so that it has better, more reliable placement on search engine results pages.

Live Chat

With live chat, your ecommerce site can offer the same personalized support as a brick-and-mortar store. We offer a variety of live chat packages that help your store’s visitors find fast and easy answers to their questions.

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With strategies like these, your ecommerce business is equipped to compete with online businesses of any size.

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