Solomon Thimothy - June 3, 2013

build awareness with consumers, wherever they browse

Display advertising is so much more than a banner ad. We use advanced data and strategies to place your business directly in front of the exact audience you want to reach.


Display Ads

OneIMS uses a steady stream of data to place your display ads where they matter most, maximizing your return on investment.

We carefully track your campaign’s performance, ensuring that your budget gives you the most prominent, effective placement possible at all times. Our online marketing team targets the consumers you want on the sites they visit most.

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Our retargeting services allow you to connect with some of the most valuable consumers available: The ones already interested in your business.

When you retarget your audience, you display advertising to users who have already demonstrated interest by visiting your site. This focus maintains brand awareness and makes it easier to recapture lost leads.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the web’s most popular sites. To tap into that potential, you need advertising that stands out from your competitors.

Our Facebook advertising services directly connect your business with qualified leads on the biggest social network in the world. With strategic, user-focused ads and prominent visibility, it’s one of the easiest ways to get noticed by the audience you want.

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Facebook Retargeting

Facebook is one of the web’s most-visited websites, and the ideal location for retargeted ads that connect with consumers. Our Facebook Retargeting services put your business right in the news feed, directly engaging with a highly receptive audience. With well over 1 billion unique users, the social networking giant gives your retargeted ads a uniquely high-traffic home.
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