Display Ads

Solomon Thimothy - June 3, 2013

build brand awareness in all the right places

Display advertising gives you a dynamic showcase for your brand all over the web. With our technology and expertise, we carefully target users in your audience based on the sites they frequent and other data.


Premium Ad Placement on High-traffic Sites

It takes more than the occasional banner ad to develop the type of tightly focused brand awareness that engages consumers. That’s why at OneIMS, we take a continuous, hands-on approach to managing your display ad campaign, ensuring that your ads are seen by exactly the audience you’re trying to reach.

We display your ads on sites throughout our expansive network, giving you space on some of the web’s top destinations for news, entertainment and more. Our online marketing team works with you to understand your intended audience and effectively reach out to it.

Finding the Right Audience for Your Ads

With experience across industries, our online marketing team works with businesses large and small to develop and implement display ad strategies.

We carefully plan your campaign and determine the most effective methods for engaging consumers, targeting your audience based on industry, interests, geographic location and more.


Ongoing Campaign Management

After launching your display ad campaign, we carefully and continually track its progress. By using our automated technology to analyze your results with hard data, we’re able to refine your campaign, tailoring priorities according to performance and focusing on strategies that will maximize your ROI.


Detailed Analytics and Progress Reports

As our analytics continually inform the direction of your display ad campaign, we perform the necessary maintenance that creates self-sustaining, perpetual value. We keep the entire process perfectly transparent, showing you the data in reports illustrating your campaign’s success.

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