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Solomon Thimothy - January 2, 2014

Once the design and the page linking is completed on your new website, the remaining task is adding compelling webcopy to your pages to intrigue your customers and peak their curiosity. This will turn them into paying customers.


When it comes down to basics, a website is the 21st century version of a newspaper ad, a paper catalog or a highway billboard.  They exist to induce people to contact you and ultimately purchase your products or services.  The difference is how your message is delivered, the speed (instantaneously), the amount of content that can be included (virtually unlimited) and how your potential customers find their way to the purchase/contact page.


OneIMS’ expert copywriters will work with you to create copy that will intrigue and seduce your visitors into staying and browsing through your website instead of moving onto to the next site on the search engine results page (e.g., your competitor).  Your text has to be focused, engaging, simple and grammatically correct.


  • Focused means your message has to convey something about your product or service that strongly implies or convinces the customer that you have the right solution for them on all pages-from your homepage to individual landing pages.
  • Engaging requires your text to be relevant, interesting and well phrased.  Regardless of the nature of your product or service, your copy needs to be compelling.
  • Simple means that your message is clear and easy to understand.  A website that is overwhelming and hard to understand is of no use.
  • Grammatically correct copy ensures that your text will not reflect negatively on the quality of the products or services you are offering.


In addition to using comprehensible and compelling copy, the text on your website can affect your ranking on major search engines.  Periodically, search engines send out spiders (robot software) in search of keywords and key phrases.  They then send send data back to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others that determine your overall raking on search engines.


Our expert copywriters will work with you to strategically utilize keywords and key phrases pertinent to your product or industry that will positively affect the ranking of your website.

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