Product Launches

Solomon Thimothy - January 4, 2014

Do you have a new product that you want to introduce to the world but don’t know where to start? Do you gradually slip the product in and hope it will catch on or do you penetrate the market aggressively?


These questions amongst many others need to be analyzed to ensure a successful product launch. An effective product launch can make a huge impact on whether a product succeeds or fails in the marketplace.

OneIMS has the techniques, insight and creativity to help you plan and execute the proper and most effective product launch. We’ll help you analyze the current market and customer base to strategize a high-impact product launch that will ensure market penetration and profitability.

Our Product Launch Initiatives include:

  • Identifying the best customer segments for penetration
  • Positioning the product successfully against competition
  • Optimizing impact of sales strategy
  • Creating a system to maximize sales leads while minimizing marketing expense
  • Basing sales strategy on customer benefits rather than features
  • Making the team market-driven rather than technologically-driven
  • Setting sales goals based on market potential
  • Reducing sales development time and maximizing profit
  • Improving market efficiency
  • Identifying optimal mix of marketing tools and distribution channels to maximize sales


To get started on your product launch campaign, contact us at 1-888-ONE-IMS-1 or request a quote now!

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