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Solomon Thimothy - January 2, 2014

Do you need to add advanced functionality to your current website or web application? OneIMS has professional developers with extensive PHP/MySQL knowledge to debug, test and add new functions to your website or application. 


Our veteran PHP/MySQL programmers can help with all of the following:


MySQL Databases

If your website requires a database to store a wealth of information including subscriber information, products, photos, our programmers can create a custom MySQL database to help you manage content on your website, adding convenient functionality to your website.

Content Management Systems

If editing and updating your own website is key to the success of your website, our experienced developers can build a robust Content Management System (CMS) to meet your needs, thus allowing you to easily update your very own website.


Ecommerce Systems

Need to sell something directly off your website?  We can help you develop a user-friendly ecommerce solution that will allow shoppers to seamlessly make purchases on your website.  From designing the look of your website to integrating payment merchant systems, our developers will ensure that your ecommerce solution is easy to use.



Our developers can turn your design into a functional website.  If you’ve designed the right look and feel for your website and are ready to make your website a reality, let our programmers implement the right coding to make sure your website works just as you envisioned.


Password Protected Content

If you require secure access to portions of your website, OneIMS’s developers can create password protected pages to keep your content safe.  We can create secure staff, partner, reseller and customer access for your website.


Blog Integration

Want to add fresh, relevant content to your website with the help of a corporate blog?  Our developers can easily integrate a custom blog to match the current look and feel of your website.


Intranets and Extranets

Do you need to dedicate a portion of your website to a specific group of visitors?  If you need to provide secure access to documents or information to a select group of people, we can help you develop a secure area for safekeeping this information and make it available only to those you give access to.


Live Chat Functions

Want to interact with your visitors instantly?  Live chat functions can allow you to reach out to your visitors to answer their questions and capture valuable lead information.  OneIMS’s tech-savvy developers can add live chat functionality to your website to turn your website into a better lead generation tool.


Spam-proof Forms

Need to reduce the current number of spam your website receives?  OneIMS’s programmers can integrate spam-proofs solutions to radically reduce the amount of spam your website receives.  From form validation solutions to spam-proof contact forms, we can help you reduce unnecessary spam.


Ready to add functionality and interaction to your website?  Contact us at 1-888-ONE-IMS-1 today!

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